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Queen Alexandra:
We Must View Life Internationally


Queen Alexandra of Denmark

Recorded in 1960

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Seance Content

The seance begins with Dr. Marshal, one of those who helped spirits communicate through Leslie Flint, commenting on those he wanted to bring through. Dr. Marshal worked tirelessly from the other side to bring people to the seances who might be informative and help humankind understand the afterlife.

Queen Alexandra was British, the Queen Consort of Edward VII of England. She begins with some difficulty in speaking, as many who come through in the seances have. As she eases into the cumbersome medium, she becomes quite articulate.

"Life is much more than it appears on the surface," she explains. She has learned that "the only important thing is to do God's work." "If one is to do the work that will bring about peace, tranquility, and harmony among nations, we must look internationally. . . . We must have an international spirit."

Science, she explains, has brought together all peoples as if we were under the same roof. We can no longer afford to have the barriers that man has built up through centuries of time. "And yet, there are still those in your world who have not learned the lessons of the past: Wars beget wars, hatred begets hatred, intolerance begets intolerance. We must find the solution to these things; we must try to make men everywhere conscious of his inheritance, the inheritance that is by nature his very own, that we are all children of the living God, and that there are no barriers, that we are all one."

"You must now consider yourself members of every nation and every race."

"We would like to see a universal language."

She explains that while she has been in the afterlife, she has been in different circumstances depending on her progression. People have helped her in her education and development.

She explains that while on Earth, she had experiences in which she saw great souls who often were a great help to her. She had experiences that prepared her for the afterlife.

She now is able to teach those in lower spheres, "who are less fortunate," so they can lift themselves out of the darkness in which they exist, "the darkness of their own minds."

One can progress by learning and practicing. The most difficult for them to help grow spiritually are those who cling to old religious beliefs, who cling to fixed ideas. Those whose minds are more open can receive knowledge and develop. Those whose minds are closed, particularly because of religious beliefs, are especially difficult. There are groups of people who believe they're the only ones on the sphere of existence. They are waiting to be brought back to earth in physical bodies in a resurrection. They are the most difficult to help grow spiritually.

She explains that when she first passed away, she was in familiar surrounds from her youth, and relations and friends she had known were there. It was a great joy to her to have the reunion with all those people she had known and to be in the old room she so loved in her youth. She felt herself to be greatly fortunate to have such a joyful passing.


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