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Alfred Frost


23 minutes,recorded 1968



Seance Content

Alfred Frost begins by saying he has looked in in Woods and Greene occasionally. Then, in the seance, there is a problem with the "power" for a few seconds. Frost explains that most people on Earth have weird ideas about death and the afterlife. He recalled that someone had written a series of articles about life after death, but he wasn't terribly interested in them.

He said he passed away when he was in the garden. He felt a little odd and he just died. His daughter came to where he had fallen and, seeing him lying on the ground, dropped the cup she had in her hand and screamed. Then, he said, he saw his wife, but she had passed away years before. His wife looked so young he didn't recognize her at first. He saw them carrying the body into the house.

He then went to the funeral. His daughter picked some roses from the garden and put them on the coffin. He tried to let his daughter know he was there and he was OK, but she couldn't hear or see him. He said that is one of the real terrible things about dying. The deceased can see the grief of the family but can't reassure them that they're fine.

He sounded a little frustrated with the fact that people aren't taught about death and the fact that the deceased are still alive, just in another form. "People don't teach anything, they don't prove anything" about death. He said he had gone to the Spiritualist churches, but they were frustrating for him and he learned nothing there.

He stayed on the Earth plane for a while, hoping to cheer up his daughter, "but it was useless," he said. After a while, his wife and others helped him to go beyond the Earth plane. Now, he lives with hundreds of other people, all in harmony. He said he now is quite happy. "I was always a good mixer. We're all so much in tune."

He explained that there are great expanses of gardens there, with beautiful music playing. There are children all around. There's an entire section devoted to children where people who love children teach and help them. There are schools, but the content isn't materialistic education; it is spiritual education. However, they are taught about life as it was lived on earth and some history.

He said he was always interested in carving on Earth, and wanted to do beautiful carvings but couldn't. Now he does carves things. He was very emphatic that things on that side of life are real. There are substances that grow and are solid. They use tools and create things, as he does when he carves. He said that it's just plain stupid to imagine that, in the afterlife, people just think of something and there it is. He said that's possible, but he doesn't do it like that.

He continued by stressing again that people on our side of life just have to get the idea that his is a real world. It's a solid reality. All manner of substances are used for construction and people who are happy using their hands make things of great beauty. There, a person can express his personality. Things don't happen automatically; they have to work for it there.

He said he is content where he is, so he doesn't have any urge to go any further in spiritual development. "We progress slowly," he explains. "The changes are very subtle." He described souls who have been there for centuries upon centuries who are more developed. But for those like him who have been there just a few years, they are where they should be, in a world very much like the earth.

He explained that there's no need for machinery. People who carve and produce don't use machines or factories. All effort is individual. There are no businesses, machinery, cars, or buses.

He then explained the essence of what life is like in the afterlife. "Everything is within yourself, what you are, what you will do, what you will become," he explained. Some people are in environments that are very close to the earth and almost identical in character because of their material thoughts, but these things are in their thought or imagination. Because that is the way they think, that is the realm they live in. They are in a dream state of a kind.

In the afterlife, people are in an environment created by the condition of their thoughts. There is an intermediate plan very close to the Earth plane for some people to live in while they make the transition between Earth and the higher spheres. It is a dreamlike quality of being for people who are so materialistic that they can't help themselves rise above the material realm; they're not ready. Souls from higher spheres have to help them progress out of this stage.

He explains that as a result, there are interwoven spheres of life in our Earth world, like two worlds in one. That is where hauntings come from, he says. At certain times, the conditions become right, people who are not spiritualistic experience these people on the plane close to the Earth. These earthbound souls become visible.

Frost stresses that the power of the mind is such that anything is possible. He said that he is realizing more and more that so much more could be achieved on Earth if people would turn their minds toward the spiritual. People are more materialistic and not interested in spirit.


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