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Alfred Higgins


24 minutes, recorded 1963


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Alfred Higgins died in a hospital bed after fatally injuring himself in a fall from a ladder. After Higgins passed over, he awoke on a bank beside a river. He didn't know how he had gotten there. A person wearing the attire of a monk came toward him, but he was a young man. He said, "Ah, you've arrived." Higgins was perplexed. "You're dead, you know," the man said.

He said, he felt himself and he could feel his body, so he said "How could I be dead?" The man explained that many people feel that when they're dead, they go to Heaven or "some other place," but there are no such places as Heaven or Hell. He explained that you are in a real condition of life. "Life beyond death is a state of mind."

Higgins said he was very concerned about his people. He says he had a feeling he was falling and then didn't remember anything. Since Higgins died in a hospital bed, that parallels the near-death experience of traveling through space.

His guide asks him if he would like to go back to see his people. He cautioned him that they wouldn't be able to see or hear him. Higgins said he would like to see how his people were getting along, but he didn't know how they would get there. The guide said, "Come with me," and they walked up a road. The guide said, "Take my hand." Higgins said he felt silly doing that, but he did it. He said that as soon as he touched the guide's hand, everything "went peculiar," as though going to sleep. He said it was a change of realization.

The next thing he knew, he was standing in the kitchen of his house. His wife was standing there peeling potatoes. He tried to speak to her, but she couldn't hear him. His guide said, "Concentrate your thought on her. Think hard." So Higgins thought her name concentrating on her and he says all of a sudden she stood up, dropped the knife from her hand, looked around bewildered, almost scared, and flew out of the kitchen. She sat down, put her head on the table, and started to cry. Higgins felt bad. His guide said, don't feel bad. She know in herself that you're here. His guide said people don't know with any certainty and haven't been told that life continues after death. They don't know about communication. He said deep down inside, she knows. This isn't the time. You must wait. Later, perhaps we can do something.

Higgins then said he would like to go to the pub where he and his friends used to hang out. He was sheepish about asking the guide, "an angel," about going into a pub. His guide said they often go into pubs, and he wasn't an angel. Higgins said he noticed the guide didn't have wings. The guide laughed and said that antiquated idea came about when people thought that Heaven was in the clouds and if people were going to get around, they must have wings like birds. Higgins said the guide said something like "that's another one of the kinky things people get into their nuts," but he hastened to say that the guide didn't use those words.

Higgins didn't know how to get there, but the guide knew what he was thinking and stretched out his hand. Higgins took it and closed his eyes. They were just there. He saw his old friends. Higgins focused on one who was about to take a drink and thought his name. The man stopped moving the drink to his mouth and put it down. He said to his other friends, "That's funny. I thought sure I heard . . ." an stopped. He didn't explain to his friends that he just heard Higgins in his head.

The guide explained that if you want something to happen, you have to think it.

His guide told Higgins that if he was to get a message to his wife, he would have to get her to go to a Spiritualist church. He wasn't sure how he was going to get her to go to a Spiritualist church. He went to a Spiritualist church near their home several times, but she wasn't there. He started going to the house to focus his thoughts on her and did so for 18 months. Finally, she had the idea that she should go to a Spiritualist church. She got her sister to go with her.

She went to the Spiritualist church and sat in the back. The medium on the platform didn't inspire confidence in Higgins. She "wasn't so hot on the evidence." When she started giving messages, he "concentrated like made on her" and she eventually started to pick it up. She did pick him up. He got through the ladder from which he fell and died, but the medium got it mixed up. The medium approached his wife and said, "I don't know if you're going to have a bit of luck, but I see a ladder with you." The medium assumed the image of the ladder meant ascending in fortune. Higgins was frustrated. He called her a "damn silly medium."

Eventually he got his name Alfred through. His wife knew the message was from Higgins. Then he thought, "What could I say that would really clinch it?" He said he would concentrate on the medium, even though it was difficult. He impressed the medium to say, "That ring that you have on, that ring is not the same ring." It had a great deal of significance to his wife. She had lost her wedding ring and didn't tell Higgins. She went out and bought another ring identical to it and never told Higgins about it. Higgins knew everything now because he knew his wife's thoughts. He said, "How could my husband know that? I kept it from him." The medium "went all la la, she went posh."

His wife became very interested an went to several meetings, but, he said, she's with him now.

He said he had been to see many mediums on that side, and said some of them get some things out, but many are well meaning but do a lot of harm. They get many things wrong.

Higgins said he's very happy on that side. He looks after other people's houses. When people first come there, he likes to do things for them.

He stressed that people like to have a home with beautiful things. Some people who come to the afterlife had a little bedroom as the place in which they lived, and they would like a house in the country with a pet and garden. There, they can have them.

People on Earth, he said, see little of the suffering among great masses of people. They're so involved in their own lives that they don't see that other people are alone and without hope. Some people who come over have been on their own, lonely for years. He said he likes to feel he can help people. He does little jobs for them and decorates their houses. He said that the conditions in the afterlife are very similar to those on Earth. People coming from the Earth plane don't want to become angels and be in a strange, uncomfortable state of being. They want a familiar life like that they had on Earth.

He emphasized that the afterlife is a real world with real houses and places where they go to hear wonderful music. They entertain friends. They have educational centers, libraries, and places they go to see wonderful depictions of things pertaining to man, development, life, and the evolution of nations and peoples. They live together in peace and harmony; color and nationality mean nothing. They are all children of the one god, developing and progressing together in love and harmony. There is no friction and no prejudice.


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