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Alice Green


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Alice Green came through in a seance with Leslie Flint, George Woods, and Betty Green on December 18, 1967.

She says that she is very happy to be on that side and has no desire to return to the Earth plane. She knew little about spiritualism when she was on Earth. She was a Baptist.

She says she was not bewildered when she crossed over. She attended her own funeral and afterward, sat at the house listening to people talking about her. "I was sitting around there watching them," she said. No one could see her her and she become bored with sitting there unnoticed, so she walked out and down the street. There, no one took notice of her either.

Then she saw her husband coming. He had died 40 years before in the First World War. She was annoyed with him because he didn't go to her funeral. She mentions this annoyance four or five times during the seance. They patched that up, however, and he took her hand. The next thing she knew, she was sitting in a little house. It was his house. Her mother was there.

She asked again why he didn't go to the funeral and he said he didn't go because it was better that she get her bearings and realized that she was finished with Earth. She then describes the people who attended the funeral. She said again that she was annoyed her husband hadn't come.

They talked about things on his side of life, and then he said, "Let's go for a walk." She said she had trouble with her knees in life and couldn't walk very well, but when she walked in the afterlife, she had no pain and walked like she was young again. She instinctively put out my hand for a hat, but he said she wouldn't need one there.

They went down a garden path past houses that were like a suburban community. He said, "We're going to the town." She said they walked into a big town. There were no shops, but there were big buildings that looked like museums. There were no churches.

People were walking about casually; children were playing and laughing. There was marvelous music coming from somewhere. Her husband said they would go where the music was later, but not now. Then people she knew started coming up to her and welcoming her there. They looked so young she didn't recognize many of them. Her husband kept saying, "This is so and so" and "You remember so and so."

They then walked out of the town into the countryside. It was much like being on earth, with houses here and there, but without the noise and traffic. There were beautiful colors everywhere. The buildings were lovely, she said, like they were made of marble.

She remarked with great delight that her hair was just like she had when she was a girl. It was jet black and flowed down her back. When she passed away, her hair was gray and cut short. She said she was like a young girl, skipping and laughing. She couldn't walk well when she was on Earth. One foot was so swollen that she had to wear a slipper on it.

She explained that she is now making little decorations for people's houses out of various materials. The houses there are real. They have real tables and chairs and so on. They decorate with beautiful designs and texture. There are animals, but they aren't consumed. They don't use wool and other animal products to make things. They use materials that come from natural conditions, not from living things. Nothing like an animal suffers there.

She says she's seen lots of animals. They are tame.

She explains that she is religious, but not religious in the way people are on Earth, which she describes as "narrow." There are no churches, but she qualifies that by saying that some people do have churches if they feel the need for them. Religion, she says, is something you live and feel.

Her husband loves his garden, where he grows beautiful flowers. They grow naturally, she explains. They don't pick the flowers; they feel no need to. There is soil like on earth.

She met her husband's mother, aunts, friends, and loads of relations. Life there is very similar to earth. Take away from our Earth life all the depressing, nasty things and all the things that aren't necessary and that is what life is like on the other side. She has never seen it dark here, but people do feel a form of tiredness, a sort of mental tiredness. They rest, but it's not sleep.

She says that she's been to wonderful libraries and theaters where there are concerts and music. Libraries there have every book worth reading, that is of value, she says. People can take the books down and read them, but they don't really read. "It's as if the book speaks to you," she explains. She goes on to say that they could take the books out of the library, but it's not necessary. It's as if there's everything there that a person could want, but they soon realize not everything is necessary.

When someone wants to find out about someone or something, like philosophy, they just "tune in" to it. She says a person can tune into a book to know about its contents. "The book expresses itself to you," she says. She sits down, closer her eyes, and all the happenings of the book are "shown you." As a result, instead of the reader getting their own idea, they get the identical impressions of the author's intentions.

There are lovely stages and wonderful plays. They do the old plays and lots of new ones. She says she loved the theater on Earth. She went to the Old Vic. She says she always liked the plays, but didn't always understand them.

In the afterlife, there are great gardens and parks and places where there are animals, such as tigers, but not in cages. They are just in separate areas, tigers. The sky isn't really a sky, but it has beautiful colors. There's music in the atmosphere, but each person needs to tune into it. It's up to the individual. In the countryside, nature has its own sounds. There are flowers as tall as trees, with different hues, colors, and smells like perfume. There are thousands of beautiful birds. She explains that their world is like the Earth plane, but much better, and without the unpleasantness of things. "It's perfect," she says. She repeats that she has no interest in progressing out of that plan.

She prefers to travel by walking, but it is possible to go to other places by concentrating on them. They're not conscious of movement when they travel in this way, but everything around them just changes and they're at the destination.


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