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Andre: Describing His World


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A man came through in a seance calling himself Andre. Apparently one of the sitters had just asked, "What is it like there?" That was one of George Woods' favorite questions. Andre responds.

There are so many different planes of experience of life that describing one plane is just describing an infinitesimally small part of the whole. Every individual coming from Earth creates for himself his own vibration or condition. What might be familiar and happy for one person may not be for another. Everyone vibrates in a condition for which he is suited and is with others who are vibrating on the same plane. If a person were required to live completely differently in the afterlife, he would feel lost.

The afterlife is so vast we can't describe it. There are millions and millions of souls. It isn't just for Christians or someone with a religious belief. It is so vast one cannot describe it. There are a great many stratifications. There is a general merging but a separation. A man will find his own heaven, Nirvana, paradise, or his own hell depending on his outlook and character of thought. When you ask, "What is it like here," he says he can give a vague outline, but what he describes will be one aspect.

In the afterlife, he explains, they have all the beauties of nature: birds, flowers, trees, green pastures, rivers, lakes, mountains, deserts, and all other conditions of earth. Nature is there in all its forms and beauties. However, everything is on a vast and greater scale. The houses in which they live are constructed by the minds of the individuals. If a person feels he will be happy in a small cottage, one is provided for him. He can only receive what he merits by how he has lived his life. Some people there live in hovels because their minds have been so shriveled up and narrow; their characters and temperaments when on earth were so bad that they deserve nothing better, so they find themselves in a condition that is very poor. He said,

Man receives exactly what he deserves. It is said in the Bible about the Book of Life that everyone is judged. No one judges anyone here. A man judges himself. Everything here is made for himself; he receives nothing more and nothing less. So some have beautiful places in which to live, beautiful robes which to wear, and great beauty all around them and sunshine (if I can use the expression "sunshine" although we have no sun as you understand it, although there is great light). For some, there is illumination, great light and great beauty. For others, there is not a great light, but perhaps even darkness. For there are lower spheres even than the Earth, where people are degenerate. Where there has been no progress, but only degeneration.

But there is always the opportunity, shall we say, for salvation. That is, the person or individual can save himself. No one can do it for him. Others may show the way, and try to lift him out of darkness into the light. But until there is a desire within himself to gain knowledge and experience and develop himself in a spiritual sense, nothing can be done. The person must do it themselves. Others can help but they cannot do it for them. Everyone must find himself, his own salvation. There are many spheres, according to the minds of men. For this world is a world created by thought.

He explains that this thought is put into action. A person who is keen on music can learn to play the piano, cello, violin, or even instruments not known on the Earth. The range of vibrations makes the music very different because on Earth we can't hear the broad ranges of vibrations they can in the afterlife. Using Earthly words makes it difficult to describe the higher spheres. "Life can be very beautiful, and very wonderful, but it depends on you," he says. A priest can't help a person. A person can't be saved. Everything is in the mind. A person cannot alter fundamentally things that have already happened, but everyone can do things that will help others and in consequence help the person. Everything a person does is important.

All around the Earth in its atmosphere, he explains, everything that happens on the earth is recorded. Sensitive people are able to know or feel things stored in this atmosphere. Haunted houses have recorded conditions on the atmosphere so that individuals can be seem to be seen in certain cases. It is the mental thought recorded in the atmosphere, but the individual isn't there.

Andre continues,

But what I want to impress up on you is that you yourselves have so much within yourselves which you can express. Within you is the Spirit of God; within you is the essence of the Divine. It's for you to express that from without, to make people conscious of the change within yourself so they also might see and seek.

You have great and wonderful opportunities. We help you to the best of our abilities. We need your love and your cooperation. For what we are to do is not just for ourselves; we are not selfish people. We are here to work in God's will and way for his children, to show them the path, to break down the barriers of caste and creed and color, and all the hypocrisies that have built up over the centuries. We want to make people conscious of their brotherhood, one with the other, that we are indeed children of the most high, all children of light, and there need be no darkness in the hearts and minds of men.

If they would only see within themselves as Jesus did. He understood these simple truths. He was the great teacher, the great leader, the great messiah. But he did not come for an Earthly kingdom. As he said, "My kingdom is not of this world. I go to my father to prepare a place for you, that where I am, you may be there also." He knew about the many mansions, the many spheres, the many homes in which people would find themselves according to their spiritual advancement.

Andre explains that this truth the medium circle have found sets men free. In service, they will find great joy and happiness. Service is the key. Those in the afterlife can bring such a peace that the world will not know, the peace Jesus describes, the peace that comes from being in harmony with the Divine. "Trust in the things of the spirit and know that we who come to you come to you come in love to serve, to guide, and uplift you and mankind."

[Andre responds to a question about prayer.] Prayer is very important, he explains, but to understand prayer, you must realize that your thoughts are very pregnant, very real, very vital. When you send out your thoughts, if they have real feeling and meaning behind them, they can do a great deal. He explains that he is not suggesting that they can save the world against itself. If someone thinks about a person or group of people, it can have an effect.

We can't change a person. Change must always come from the individual. We can't make the person understand or appreciate. They must have a response in themselves. If they don't respond, there is nothing anyone can do. Those on the other side, he explains, try to inspire. We on this side pick it up and say, "I feel so and so." We on Earth do react to what they give us. It is a form of hypnosis, he explains. The person is merely sitting for development. He opens his heart and his mind to the things of the spirit. He comes under the influence of an entity from this side who comes to inspire the person. All communication is a mental process. We on the Earth plane think something, speak so we create vibrations in the air, and someone else knows our thoughts. Andre explains that they do the same thing.

All communication, he explains, is mental. All life is vibrations and mental condition. We vibrate the atmosphere. Our physical body vibrates. The chair is at the same rate of vibration as we are so we can sit on it. Those on the other side like Andre lower their vibrations to speak with us. They ask us to raise our vibrations to communicate with them. They have to learn to do these things.

Where people put ourselves in the background to serve others, they find a great peace. Those on the other side are are happy to serve. He says the Leslie Flint circle is happy to congregate and serve. "The purpose we have is to do is god's will on earth," he says.

Prayer must be service. If you hear people praying, it's "Give me this" or "Give me that." When a person prays for the good of others or even for a little, suffering animal, it is real prayer; it is service, giving out, not intending to receive for ourselves. When someone prays in this way, it makes something tangible between the afterlife world and the Earth.

Prayer must be sincere. When a clergyman in church prays automatically, with little feeling or emotion, it has no power or effect. The simple prayer from the heart for a person who is suffering, for peace in the world, is heard. Prayer isn't what you put into words, but what you feel in your heart. You can pray without saying a word.

[Andre speaks about people who have been murderers on the Earth plane.] People who do something on the spur of the moment, in passion, have great help given to them. They are remorseful. The worse murder is murder by the state, cold, calculating, deliberate, with no mercy. There is often an excuse for someone who kills in the heat of passion, in a "mad moment," but killing that is cold and calculating is far worse.

There is black magic. There are those in the Earth plane who are unenlightened and are used and controlled by evil forces. When they come to the afterlife, they are held in bondage by evil influences. They are drawn into these conditions. Andre warns the circle that when they hold a seance, they should have the highest motives. Otherwise, entities will lead the circle astray. That will be bad for them in every way. He repeats, "Always go for the highest and best."

[A sitter asks about a problem in Africa, and whether the whites should be responsible for the blacks. Andre responds.] Everyone is responsible for everyone. Whites are responsible for blacks; blacks for the whites. That may not seem practical because on the Earth plane, things may not be practical. But we are children of one god. We should be responsible for others. If someone's skin is darkened by the sun over time, that makes on difference because we are spiritual beings traveling through life to develop our character an personality. The Earth is but a school in which people learn lessons. A person may have to come again and again to learn the lessons.

Where there are countries that amass great arms, there will always be war. Countries fear each other and make weapons. Until men have the courage to get rid of war weapons, there will be no end to wars. If a nation like America or England said, "We will not go to war at any price. We are getting rid of all munitions," the example would be so great that there would be no glory from a nation that would try to take them over. There would be no war.

Because each nation is afraid to take that step, millions of dollars or pounds are spent that could be used for the good of humanity. The only good that could come from atomic bombs is that a nation would be so afraid to go to war because the results could be so devastating. No one won the last war. As wars become more intense, the less there is to fight for. I believe that in the not far distant future, war will be gone forever. I want to see people joined in happiness and peace, who don't feel insignificant. "You would be surprised what you can do. Your thoughts and prayers are very important. Service is the key. That will bring your heart joy and peace."


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