Validity of the
afterlife recordings

David Thompson
recordings: 2006

Reunions in the afterlife

Voices of people
in the afterlife

Why people in the
afterlife speak to us

Characteristics of
the afterlife

Developing a
medium group

Afterlife messages about spirit and existence

Recording of a Roman woman singing

The entire seances of the deceased speaking

Christianity and Spiritual Growth

The Greater Reality


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Bigg's Message

A man who says his name was "Biggs" died in his chair while reading his newspaper. He then tried to wake his body up to keep from upsetting his sister, He stood beside her trying to tell her he wasn't dead. After they took his body away he sat back down in his chair to think things out then the fireplace faded away to views of another world. He attended his funeral and was upset because his was a pauper's grave.

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