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Bimbo the Clown

19 minutes, recorded 1967




Bimbo the Clown came through haltingly at first, as he learned how to manipulate the voice box. He says he has been on the other side for a long time. He still is making people laugh on the other side. He makes himself happy when he makes others happy. When he passed over, his "mamma," "pappa," many brothers, and others came to meet him, including people from the circus, acrobats, and other performers.

He says that the afterlife is a marvelous place. There are beautiful forests and colors. There is no circus there, he says. There are animals and people talk to the animals, but they are not in cages. People don't know how aware animals are. He always wanted to be an animal trainer on the Earth. He says he now tends to animals when they cross over.

When animals cross over, those in the afterlife treat them with kindness and compassion. People should have greater understanding for animals, and love. When people treat animals with love, it is reciprocated. An animal will die for a person. People say human beings are superior, but he thinks animals are much more intelligent than human beings believe they are. They only kill when it is necessary, not for the joy of killing. But with human beings, killing is a big problem.

You cannot escape from yourself, he says. The worst problem in the circus is the audience. They don't understand. People pray for something terrible to happen, so they like dangerous acts. There are very talented people in the circus. He says he tried many things in the circus, but always came back to being Bimbo the Clown. His family had been in the circus for 200 years. His best friend on the other side is Grimaldi (Joseph Grimaldi, British, "The Father of Clowns," 1779-1837), whom he calls a remarkable man and wonderful soul. He has met many people there. He says that he met Coco the Clown, although the most famous Coco the Clown, Nicolai Poliakoff, didn't die until 1974. The dates for the seances were often wrong, however. He could also be referring to another, earlier Coco the Clown.

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