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Bobby Tracey

20 minutes, recorded 1967




In this unusual seance, the energy for the seance was taken from George Woods, one of the sitters, who explains that he had the potential for being a direct-voice medium. In the usual circumstance, energy for the voice box, voices, and materializations comes primarily from the medium, but also from the sitters and from those on the other side who are focusing their energy on the effort.

The speaker in the seance is Bobby Tracey, a five-year-old boy killed in a car accident with his mother. He says he goes to school. He doesn't realize that those in the room can't see him, and he apparently points to someone in the room, either Woods or Flint, and asks "Who is that man?"

He says that in school he learns geography and history and "all sorts of things." He lives with his mother. He asks whether Betty Greene has a nice home and whether she has any boys.

Bobby says he has all sorts of friends over there. They play games such as cricket and football. He has a nice garden, he says. He doesn't have any pets, but he plays with the dogs, cats, and ponies that are around.

He says the school is a big house with lots of rooms and lots of people. He wears trousers and likes to swim in the river, commenting that he's quite a swimmer.

He says he doesn't know how long he's been there. He can't remember the name of the place where he lived. He stops and asks his "mum." She tells him a location and he pronounces it for the sitters. He then says repeatedly to George that he has funny hair that's sticking up from his head. He says there is a doctor on the other side who helps George. "You're a luck man," he says, "He doesn't want you to die."

Bobbie then explains that all sorts of people come when Flint and the sitters have meetings. "I don't know why they want me to come to you. I'm not growed up."

He explains that he's going on a little boat and he likes to row. A nice man who wears a blue jersey and has a rosy face takes the children for rides in the boat. They play on little islands, climb trees, run around, and play "seek and hide." They call the man The Captain because he used to have a boat on the Earth plane and he ferried people to an island and brought them back. Now he has a boat and he takes children out to an island.

Bobby says that he likes to paint pictures. He did like to do that on Earth, but explains that he can do it good now; he has "good perspective." He says he doesn't see much of his father. He "has another lady" and they just see him sometimes.

He then describes his death. He says he and his mother were killed in a "smash on the road." He then remarks that George Wood's hair is "funny" again. "He's doing something to his head but it keeps going funny," he exclaims. He again mentions that a doctor looks after him from the other side. He says he's been here many times and has watched Flint's seance circle. He says he has toys, but they won't let him have soldiers.

Bobby explains that he'd like to be a teacher when he grows up, just like the teachers teaching him now, only better. When asked whether they're kind, he says "Everyone is kind here." He keeps remarking about Georges's hair, that it's like bubbly. He asks if George has any babies. "You're too old to have babies; only young people have babies. I would hate to be old like you. When you die, you'll be young. You could help people better from this side."

He explains that he doesn't have the same friends he had on Earth. He doesn't go back to the Earth because no one takes notice of him.

He says he has a nice house with a big roof that goes to a point, and big windows, and a balcony in the front. He says you can walk around it. The house has several rooms, including a nice room where everyone sits down and talks. There are nice chairs and carpet, and lots of pretty things like his mommy likes. He says he doesn't eat anything now, but sometimes he does eat an apple. They have fruit trees, but no one eats them much. He says its beautiful and ever so nice, not cold at all.

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