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Brother Adjul



21 minutes, recorded 1990


Brother Adjul had some difficulty getting used to the voice box medium, as do many who come through. He explained that when he was on earth, he had studied in a religious group for a number of years, and felt he understood spirituality. The study opened up his understanding. He explained that he, along with the "brethren" where he was, were taught the Christian viewpoint, but he wanted more answers. As he probed, he was ostracized by the brethren.

He went out into the hills to meditate, opening himself in a way that he described as "extraordinary." He had always had the realization that it was possible to communicate with those in the afterlife; in the Bible, he saw many instances of it. So he couldn't understand why it was so misunderstood.

He learned that a person can be in touch with the "discarnate" spirits through a remarkable experience he had. He had become very close to a man who, "by his nature showed great affection for me," but he realized that they had to be very careful because their relationship could be misunderstood by the other brethren. The others were dedicated to silence, prayer, and service. Any material feeling other than brotherly love was stifled. Sadly, his friend died. He was heartbroken because his friend was the only person he could open up his soul to and unburden himself.

Soon after his friend's death, he had a dream. In the dream, he saw his friend distinctly. His friend smiled and he heard his voice. He beckoned to Adjul and pointed to the door of his cell. Adjul followed him through the corridor to the main door and the two walked right through the door. They "walked, and walked, and walked" up into the mountains that were several miles from where Adjul's cell was. His friend pointed to an opening in the rock that looked like a tunnel and walked in. Adjul followed him.

The two sat and his friend said,

I shall come to you regularly and I shall tell you many things that I have experienced and witnessed. But it is essential that you are alone. And I shall come to you and I will make it so that you will hear and know of the things that I am so anxious to relate to you. For they are not for yourself alone; they are for those who will listen to the truth from the voice of the spirit. You stay hear for several years of your earthly time, and you will then go from place to place, from market place to market place, from this place to unto that place, and thou shall speak of the things that are of the spirit. And when you are questioned and some people will doubt you, and make you full of fear, I will impress you or I will give you messages that you can give to them so they will know that it must be so.

Adjul says that he was able to help many people in a restricted way. Above all else, he says, when people come together speaking of things having to do with the Great Spirit, those on the other side come to give guidance. Coming to Earth and spending time isn't significant for them because time means so little. Love makes all things possible; people must come together in harmony. Sometimes those on the other side will provide a little message for someone--perhaps for someone who has lost a dear one. The message will be that their loved one is around them and loves them still, and that eventually they will be joined.

He says they may not realize their responsibility. It will not always be easy, he says. People will revile them and say they are mentally disturbed. He explained that he was caught by the power of the church. It isn't easy for those in the church to have an open mind about these things. The impression those in the church gave was of love, and it was a love of a kind, he says. But the lasting love is the spiritual love that overcomes all things, material and flesh.

He warns that it isn't easy for those who take up the path of truth to make others realize and understand that life is truly eternal, that those on the other side are with them constantly, even though you don't see them. People are spiritual beings, although just an embryo. The body is only a house in which the spirit dwells for a time.

He explains that he speaks not only to the sitters in the seance, but also to the many who may listen to the truth of the spirit. The tape recorder is similar to what they did centuries ago when they copied manuscripts to create a book illuminated with truth.

It is not the church that matters. It is the realization of the truth within. Discussing that truth, and living that truth, and loving that truth, and being that truth. You my dear children are very blessed. I have taken time because I feel the need myself to leave my message to you knowing it will go forth and others will hear it in the years that lie ahead. Know that we are with you and we are giving to you all that is possible to give to you in love. Dwell in peace together, in love together, and in harmony together. For there is strength in unity; if there is no unity, then indeed, it is perhaps more difficult.

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