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Brother Boniface


The Bury St. Edmunds Monastery
(now in ruins)



30 minutes

Brother Boniface talks about the nature of God. He describes how religion first came into being. He suggests that at an early time, man felt the need for a great leader, a supreme force or power, that was called "God" or "Jehovah" or something else. However, there is no God that sits to judge or condemn. God is in man. It is the life force, elemental, the very essence or core of man. That is God, the power, the divine force. God judges or condemns.

Christ's mission has been misconstrued. He said, "I and the Father are one." Man has misconstrued that to mean that God is a man sitting on a throne in a material form. God is the power, the indestructible force that gives life. The God power or God light is what gives us life. On different stratas of being, a greater realization comes into being of the power that is in oneself, the spiritual power.

As we progress spiritually, the terms and expressions we use come into focus as partial revelations depending on a person's growth. As we become more conscious of the power of the Holy Spirit, we become more able to realize the potential force. We become more and more able to become spiritually aware and conscious. This is Boniface's description of God:

There is no God in the sense that God is generally accepted and understood. God is within. But it is a force; it is a power. It is not a person; it is not a shape; it is not a form. God is a realization of one's spirit, a realization of the possibilities of oneself, inasmuch that one has power and vitality, and one has indestructibility of a spiritual nature and kind. And if it has shape, it is because we have shape and form, inasmuch as we have when on earth a physical body, and when we go away from the physical body at death we have an astral body, and when we leave the astral planes we have a spiritual body, and therefore we have a shape and form. But it is the spirit that is God.

"God" is but a word. It is but a cloak that covers the reality within. Therefore, a term such as "God" is but a term. It explains nothing and is in a sense nothing. It is the vital force of all life that is God. But it is not shape. And if it has shape it is because we ourselves give it shape. A shape and form are necessary, and while we have shape and form, we have in ourselves the power that helps to create us as we evolve into a form of God. But there is no God in the sense that God is understood and accepted. This is a mystery in a sense that has been along for many centuries of time. Man prays to God, but he is really praying to the divine force that is all life which makes all things possible, whether in your world or in this. And he calls upon that power or force to aid him and help him, to guide and to uplift him. But it is not a shape or a form; it is not a person who restricts blessings. It is a power; it is the vital force that is in all things. It is in the most humble things or forms in your world. Whether it is a tree or falling leaf, whether it is a human being, or a cloud in the sky, all this is life, and this is God. God is life, not a shape or a form or a person. But it is the life-giving force behind all things. It emanates and brings into being and makes things possible all things that are good and bad. For there are all things in God and God is in all things. But it is not a person.

This force is indestructible. You can kill the body, but you cannot kill the spirit. The very heart of man that is unseen, but the most real of all. We see the outward shape and form, but we don't see the inner consciousness. That is God, whether it is in nature or human beings. All this is God. Sense it and feel it and know it within your soul and you will learn what God is.

The brain is a receiving station. The mind is God. It is the vehicle or expression. It makes possible the realization of all things. Without consciousness, there could be no life. This, in a sense, is God. This power is the life-giving, vital part of man. We have to get away from the pagan idea that God is a person. God cannot be confined in a space. There is poor realization of the power of the Holy Spirit, but this term, as all expressions that man has created, serve a purpose to give an idea, but they cannot give the full expression or realization of what is behind these ideas. As man progresses, he has the ability to see, to know, to experience. But we must first break down the narrow expression of what God is. God is not a man, shape, or form. God is the power that underlies all life, what makes all life possible.

Man must realize that he is responsible to his neighbor and to all forms of life that exist. All the various stages of evolution are pat of his kingdom, part of himself. We are all composed of the same substance. We must learn to live in harmony and peace together. We must appreciate the most lowly before we can appreciate the highest. Until we know all that is, we cannot raise ourselves above the mundane.

When we can see into the world of the sense and become part of it while on earth, we must learn to live in peace, tranquility, harmony, and love with all things. The same vital force flows through all. We are intertwined. It is wrong to make war among ourselves. There is much that is good that can be brought forth and used to great advantage. But we must sacrifice ourselves. To approach the higher stage of being, one must learn to put themselves more and more in the background, become more attuned to others, especially those whose needs are greater. We must forget ourselves to some extent. Only then can we grow mentally and spiritually.

People don't realize how necessary it is to be humble. All the great prophets saw that the secret is to be humble to become great, to find the Kingdom of God, to find the realization of the power of the Holy Spirit. They must become the lowest to become the highest. Christ realized this much more than the prophets of the past. If one is to progress spiritually, we must become humble. Only in humbleness can we perceive wisdom that will set one free from the shackles of the mundane. The greatest strength lies in what appears to be worthless.

The nature of God is a question often asked, but there is so much that cannot be revealed or understood. God is not an individual; it is a force and power in each and every one. In some it is more submerged, but it can be called forth from within us to illuminate our path forever. So much has been built on the fear of God, but this is a cruel thing created by man that gives the wrong impression, that makes a thing against our nature. Anything done from fear is not good. All must be done from love. Nothing is gained through fear: fear of consequences is not true realizing. All things must be done in sincerity and brotherhood. That is good. What is done through fear is bad.

Those who cannot quite see or who will not see, those who cling to an old image and have assent to a creed or dogma because of the image, must learn to find a progress for themselves. We must remember above all things that the truth will be revealed as the individual makes it possible. Individuals can find revelation only by finding the realization within ourselves. The door is unlocked and we can gradually see the possibilities that lie within ourselves. We have within ourselves the power to know many things. We can make many things possible. Faith can move mountains. Faith and love go hand in hand. As we work in love and faith, we must not allow anything to stand in the path of spiritual progress.

That wellbeing is the peace that passes all understanding. Know that within yourself is the answer. There is the possibility of greatness, true greatness. We are one in spirit and truth. Great is the power of the divine, and in this power we are truly brothers, truly eternal. We shall overcome and as we do, the realization becomes more and more clear. We will understand the wisdom of the most high.


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