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Charlotte Brontė

Charlotte Brontė


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Charlotte Brontė was a well-known author during the nineteenth century. Her most famous work is Jane Eyre, published in 1847. She had a little difficulty, at first, in using the voice box mechanism. She explains how difficult it is as she becomes acquainted with the mechanism. After an initial period, her speaking becomes very clear and flows smoothly.

She says that Emily Brontė, here sister, is with her. She remarks that much is unrecognizable about the Earth when she returns to it. She says that she has met many people whom she was not able to meet on Earth, including Jane Austin. She says she is very anxious to continue to write, and she wishes to inspire authors on Earth. Many thoughts penned on Earth, she explains, have been inspired from the other side. Humanity draws those on the other side close to the Earth. When they see tragedy and difficulty, they feel the need and urgency to help to help, uplift, guide, and comfort, standing in the background. Their influence is brought to bear here and there, she says.

She says that she has been to the Leslie Flint seance meetings and has watched with great interest. Many souls stand unobtrusively in the background, "as though in the wings, waiting for the curtain to rise to make their entrance." She says that when the sitters are there with the medium, souls are able to come through to give upliftment and encouragement. Even when things don't seem to be happening, "much is being done," she says. Those on the other side are like "scene shifters" whose role is important to the production.

She says that all on the other side work as a company, together. Many souls are drawn by the light of the Leslie Flint group because they desire to help people out of the darkness into the light. Those on the other side come in an unselfish way to serve. She says to the sitters that Caruso, for whom the musical sitters have much affection, is often around them, as well as other great seers. Many come who have been drawn to the group.

There are many souls on the other side who play spiritual roles in the lives of people on earth, she explains. "It is said, in the Good Book, that 'He shall give his angels charge concerning these,' and many are those who have angels, souls, beings of high order, who on Earth themselves were famous, who continue on the other side to serve and perfect their art. They return to help some soul in their efforts to strive to achieve, to develop their talents." Sometimes, without their knowledge, these people on Earth are helped. In the sleep state, they leave the physical body and enter the spheres of the spirit world, where they receive assistance. They retain some of these memories in their subconscious when they awaken, and they are drawn out when needed.

Often, when a person is fully unconscious or unaware, inspiration comes that is given to them. She said, "We never cease to stop helping, whether it is in our own life and condition on this side or on yours. We are sometimes, in a sense, living in two worlds at the same time, partaking of your world to some measure, for it's good. We have our own environment and condition, learning more and more and trying to pass it on to you." She explains that especially artists are inspired. People can also be impressed about a path they should take that will change their lives. When someone is depressed, with no where to turn, those on the other side are there to comfort them, so they see, like a ray of light, what to do, and go on.

She says, "Where there is faith in the power of the Holy Spirit, all things are possible. Nothing is impossible." She explains that in her physical existence, some days seemed dark and dreary. She was aware of the many whose lives were being spoiled, sometimes by their own foolishness, but sometimes by the pressures of those in higher places. They had little support from any quarter. She says she remembered so well people whose lives were dull and dreary, with no benefactors and no way to turn. No one today could imagine the poverty that existed during her time. The world today has changed for the better.

She says she continues to write and has books that are not published. She wonders whether they will ever be published. The greatest books live on, she says. The great works of art do not die, whether in music, song, writing, or whatever gift that is of the spirit--it is indestructible. Much is written that is of no consequence, of course. Sometimes people have to do hacking work, but they do get pleasure, enlightenment, and upliftment from the other side that takes them out of their depression temporarily.

Sometimes, the medicine may not taste too good, but it has a curative power. Sometimes things are taken into the heart and into the head to serve a purpose. She says that those who are suffering haven't reached the utmost rung of the ladder, but whatever rung they have reached, as they climb, they have learned.

Some who seem to have reached the top rung of the world's ladder are thrust from the top to the bottom. But for the person who takes the opportunities to climb the ladder of spiritual profession, there is no need to fear, for each rung has been built by endeavors of sincerity and purpose, for good, and will never loosen. And each rung is a rung others may climb because that person has put it firmly in place by this spiritual profession. She tells the group that they are progressing slowly, but surely to the heights, and the ladder they were building between two worlds was a ladder of great strength.

She believes that the sitters will write a great book that will be an everlasting work, like a textbook of the spirit. The time is not far distant when they will feel compelled to do it, she says. It will be a book that will appeal to all men, irrespective of class, color, or creed. Many will be enlightened by it. Those on the other side will come with them on the voyage. She explains that it is not possible for anyone on the Earth plane to realize the number of souls around us. Even when we're in a plane, they are there.

Everyone on the other side made mistakes on the Earthly plane. No one on Earth should feel it is a source of embarrassment that people on the other side are watching over them. They have a sense of humor too, and although they may not be able to stop a person from doing something that may lead to a disaster, they do know and understand the frailties of human life.

She then talks about books and characters. Authors write about many people they have known. They put them into different circumstances or a different environments, but they are people in this realm or activity of the spirit. People may see themselves in what was written and may be able to change their lives based on the book.

Many have written books with characters that have great subtleties and character. Often, because of the love and way the author has created the character by drawing on their knowledge of human nature and experience with people they have known, they create a new character who have a life of their own. They are able to create a reality that temporarily has a form of life that can only move in the radius of the author's work. However, it is possible on certain spheres to enter into a state of being where one can visualize the acting out of characters created by author.

Thousand and thousands of people may read a novel or book. The character may be of such striking proportions that he or she becomes a reality to the readers. The author creates this person and give him or her a form of life. It is possible to enter a sphere of activity where a person can enter a book, not in pages behind covers, but in a visual state. But when a book ceases to be read, characters are no longer thought about, and they become "deflated." While the character is read and many people are stimulated, their thought forces give the character a visual existence that has no soul. When the novel ceases to be popular, the thought force is so diminished that those characters become less and less important and cease to have an impact.

All these created books and everything that is a human work is a life form of its own that may have no soul, no spiritual aspect, but it can have a visual aspect. Thought is creative. if a character is created in a novel or a book and the book is read by millions of people, they give it life and sustain it. Many people have no realization of the power of thought. The ability within oneself can remove obstacles. Christ said, "Thy faith has made thee whole," and by faith one can overcome and achieve. One may do tremendous things if one realizes the power of thought. Thought makes possible all things; without thought, there could be no existence. The power of thought makes us what we are and makes possible what you are trying to become. When someone creates, thought forces are emanating and giving a form of substance and the thought forces make possible the visual. Few people have a realization or consciousness of what this is all about. They think of themselves as physical and mental, but don't know the power of thought that makes all a living reality.

She explains that innumerable souls are standing behind her to convey their thoughts through her. People do not realize that thoughts are not lost They're there in the atmosphere. Thoughts are pungent, and they are read by innumerable people of all nations. Nothing is wasted, nothing is lost. People have a great potential within themselves. They could do much by faith if they realized these truths. She addresses the sitters: "Know that you are surrounded by innumerable souls whose love is power that will enable you to overcome. This will give you the power to serve and be loved by people on both sides."


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