Validity of the
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David Thompson
recordings: 2006

Reunions in the afterlife

Voices of people
in the afterlife

Why people in the
afterlife speak to us

Characteristics of
the afterlife

Developing a
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Afterlife messages about spirit and existence

Recording of a Roman woman singing

The entire seances of the deceased speaking

Christianity and Spiritual Growth

The Greater Reality


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Dr. Cosmo Lang

Dr. Cosmo Lang, Archbishop of Canterbury
Recorded in 1960
Dr. Lang explains that a congenial group produces an illumination that makes conditions possible for communication. People in the afterlife, in spirit, are not gods but only people who have progressed along the road of spiritual realization. He explains that he now accepts things that he would have viewed as heresy on earth. While on earth, he had a false idea of his own importance. He assures his listeners that no one will take upon themselves the responsibility to save them. It is entirely their responsibility.

37 minutes

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