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George Whitefield

George Whitefield

George Whitefield has been spoken of as the supreme figure and even as the founder of Methodism, not John Wesley. He was famous for his preaching in America, contributing to the Great Awakening movement of Christian revivals. Whitefield has been called by some historians "the first modern celebrity" because he travelled through all the American colonies drawing great crowds at his revivals and garnering media coverage wherever he went.

In this seance, recorded in 1967, he describes the need for the church, Spiritualists, and mediums to be free and open in accepting all spirits who come through. He stresses the need for freedom of thought to grow spiritually, and says the church, especially, must not require mediums or the spirits who come through to be Christians. "Man must get away from preconceived ideas, creeds and dogmas that shackle him to the Earth."

16 minutes, recorded 1970


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