Validity of the
afterlife recordings

David Thompson
recordings: 2006

Reunions in the afterlife

Voices of people
in the afterlife

Why people in the
afterlife speak to us

Characteristics of
the afterlife

Developing a
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Afterlife messages about spirit and existence

Recording of a Roman woman singing

Christianity and Spiritual Growth

The Greater Reality


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The speaker said his name was Giuseppe, an artist from Florence, Italy. Unfortunately, Giuseppe is a very common name among artists from Florence, so it isn't possible to identify which Giuseppe he was. He painted for the church, he said, so his work was likely from an earlier time, perhaps the Renaissance. He remarks that in the afterlife he has a beautiful palette of colors to work with among the wonders of the afterlife. He doesn't paint by simply thinking of the painting; he does put effort into it. He is looking for an artist on the Earth plane whom he can inspire.

27 minutes, recorded 1967

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