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David Thompson
recordings: 2006

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Afterlife messages about spirit and existence

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Christianity and Spiritual Growth

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He was a foot soldier fighting for Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) in a civil war against the British king Charles I and the Anglican church. Cromwell wanted to establish a republic with a strong Parliament. He succeeded in overthrowing Charles I, but when Cromwell died, Charles II, the heir to the throne, took the crown and all the bloodshed on both sides was for naught.

Jeremiah immediately saw the futility of all the death that had happened on the battlefield. He explains that he and his father were devoted to Oliver Cromwell against the tyrannical King Charles I. However, he discovered after his death, when he could listen in on conversations among Cromwell's supporters, that Cromwell was as evil as the king, perhaps worse.

recorded in 1963

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