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Maisey Wilmot


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This seance contains the messages from a young girl named Maisey Wilmot who passed away when she was 12 years old. She has some difficulty speaking at first, but gradually becomes accustomed to the voice box and speaks very well and at length. She said she wants to be a control like Flint's control, Mickey. She says good mediums are very scarce.

She says that she works with young people. She then explains that it is a very unusual experience for her because now she has matured and advanced to a higher plane during the 50 years since she crossed over, but when she cames back to the Earth plane to communicate, she automatically took on the personality of the 12-year old she was when she died.

One of the sitters asks her whether she expected to meet someone like Jesus when she crossed over. She exclaims, "Oh, no," but then goes on matter of factly to talk about Jesus on that side of life. Maisey says that she has never spoken with Jesus, but she does know of him and has a consciousness of him and an awareness of him. She then gives a description of what she believes he looks like. "He is tall and slim and nice looking with very dark hair which is long and wavey and he's got a very nice, sweet face, and lovely deep brown eyes that are set well apart and he has high cheek bones and he has no beard or mustache." She follows with an explanation of how people who advance on that side are able to receive impressions. They can visual a certain person, just as they can when someone looks at a movie. She says that she has "seen" Jesus, but not with her eyes. She says she has "Seen and felt him," but not with her senses. "All life is a mental thing," she says.

Maisey then explains her childhood and her interest in pictures that she cut out of books and magazines and pasted them on a screen. She says it was a jumble of bits and pieces. She describes her two brothers. One died before she did and met her in the afterlife. The other came later.

She explains that she always thought, as a child, that after death, she would eventually come back to Earth. She says she is now looking for some medium on the Earth plane with whom she could work.

She then describes the dogs she had and the swing in her yard. The sitters ask her whether her house is still there, and she replies that she really doesn't know--she hasn't been back there for a long time. She describes a shop near the house where she would go. She says that it was a big house and her family had two servants.

She says she has "no objections" about being dead; her mother, father, and brothers are there. She says that "being dead is very nice indeed." She said her health on earth was very delicate, so her parents couldn't send her to a boarding school. She was a tomboy, and had a governess, but she said she was a sour puss. She liked to climb trees and one day while up in a tree was shocked to see through a window a naked man.

She remarks that it's very easy for her to communicate. She says that she has no problems at all with speaking. She "doesn't get worked up."

A sitter asks her to describe the device through which she's talking, the voice box. Maisey says "it's a funny thing," a sort of box thing, like a mask. She says that she "moves into it." She doesn't know why it works. She says that she can see the sitters. She speaks to a woman who is one of the sitters, "at the end of the couch." She says her husband in spirit is standing next to her. She says that her husband was with her when she was not well and he knows it was a very trying time. She describes two pussycats and her mother there as well.

Maisey then describes the woman's husband holding a Valentine's Day card over her head. She says it has a heart that's pierced on it. Maisey remarks that its "kind of revolting." She always found the hearts with arrows in them revolting.

She says that she never liked the pictures of Jesus on the cross. She preferred the ones of his resurrection.

24 minutes, recorded 1977

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