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O'Reilly and Dr. Marshal

In this seance, a man named O'Reilly came through. His language was rough, he was angry with nearly everyone in his family, and he was biting to the sitters. After he left, Dr. Marshal, Leslie Flint's scholarly guide who brought spirits of various types to the seances, explained that medium circles such as theirs and Spiritualist gatherings should welcome spirits from all spheres, ranging from the lower, rougher spheres to the higher. Judge those who come by their heart, not their language. Be open to learn from all who come. Also, realize that the circle may be instrumental in helping the person in their spiritual development. We're all part of helping one another mature spiritually.

This seance begins, as most do, with Mickey, Leslie Flint's cockney guide, greeting George Woods and Betty Green. Mickey was an 11-year old cockney boy who died when he was hit by a truck. His high-pitched, boyish voice begins and ends most seances.

25 minutes, recorded 1966

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