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Queen Victoria:
We Seek True Brotherhood


Queen Victoria

John Brown

Recorded c. 1960



In this seance, Queen Victoria explains that she is coming through with John Brown, her close friend and confidante. She surprises Betty Greene and George Woods by describing the role John Brown played as a medium for her to contact her deceased husband, Prince Albert, who had died prematurely, and for whom she mourned the rest of her life. There has been much speculation about the exact nature of the relationship between John Brown and Queen Victoria, but it was probably that of a loyal servant and lonely monarch. John Brown speaks at the end of the seance.

The quality of the recording is poor because it was created on an early tape recorder around 1960. A transcript of the recording follows. It begins after a brief beginning in which Victoria becomes familiar with the voice box medium.

Betty Greene: Who is there?

Queen Victoria: . . . it may be possible for quite a number of us to come to speak.

Betty Greene: Yes, I quite understand that. I would like to know who's speaking to me. It's very difficult, you know. I can only hear the voice.

Queen Victoria: I have come with John.

Betty Greene: With John?

Queen Victoria: My good friend.

Betty Greene: Yes? Tell me who you are, your name so that I can address you by your name. Won't you?

Queen Victoria:

I too was privileged in my lifetime to know of this great truth, and John Brown was my medium. Just as you, my dear, have an instrument, so did I.

I am Victoria, no longer a queen. Many people did not understand the close link that was forged between John and myself, but he was the link between myself and my dear Albert with whom I am now residing in paradise. I could not speak of these things when I was on your side. It would not have been the right thing for me to have done. It would have been misunderstood.

I kept religiously, day by day, a diary of all the communications between myself and my dear husband. They all were, after my death, I understand, destroyed, Palmerston and others. Benjamin Disraeli who tried to speak to you a moment or two ago...he was a remarkable person. He was indeed a great favorite of mine. He was a good man, of course, like all human beings he made mistakes. In many respects I misjudged him, but I have apologized to him.

We are all inclined to misunderstand each other. In my position, with my background, my upbringing, surrounded as I was by so many pleasing speakers and soft spoken people, it was very difficult. One would say this and the other would say something else and then it would be implied that the other was not truthful and it was only after years that I became to see a little more clearly and a little more deeply about human nature.

I could tell you a great number of things. One day I may be able to come and do so and one day my dear husband will come and speak to you. We are still very, very concerned and interested in all the things that transpire in your world. That is not from the point of view what is exactly appointed but from the point of view of the good that might yet come.

When people begin to know and realize and understand more about each other and all the barriers, which we hope and pray, may be broken down and true men may live and dwell in peace together.

How different it is today when time gone by we had a vast empire. Now many of the old Barriers have gone and many new nations are beginning to arise.. They are having their teething troubles, but I think eventually there will come a great realization and a greater way of peace amongst nations. All working to this common end …to the common good.

We may not be able to do a great deal from this side but we do impress and inspire whenever it is possible. We try desperately in many ways. It is very difficult but we endeavor to do all that we can and of course we have a special concern for this country. That is only natural but at the same time we see not just England but we see the whole of the world for we seek true brotherhood amongst nations and people, that they may live together in peace and tranquility. Working to do the will of god whilst yet on earth. It will come eventually, though it may seem long way off, yet truly I am sure it will come.

How privileged you are to know this great knowledge, this great truth. Indeed, if it had not been for this great knowledge you possess, I myself, I am sure, could ever have continued that long life of mine. It was the wonderful knowledge and the realization I had that helped me through those many years of difficulty, trial and tribulation. Indeed it is a great solace and a great blessing to know of these great truths. God bless you all.


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