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The Reverand Charles Drayton Thomas: Helping Souls Grow

The Reverand Charles Drayton Thomas

The Reverend Charles Drayton Thomas (1867-1953) was a Methodist minister in England who devoted a major portion of his life to systematic psychic study. He was a prominent member of the British Society for Psychical Research. He had known Leslie Flint in life and tested him rigorously by closing his lips with elastoplast, tying his hands to the arms of his chair, and tying his head so it couldn't move. He discovered the Leslie Flint was not producing the voices.

After his death, in 1970, Drayton Thomas came through in a Leslie Flint seance describing the work he was doing in the afterlife. The afterlife is the realm of thought, he explains. A person lives on a level that matches his or her level of spirituality. The person's thoughts provide what he or she needs in that level, and other souls with similar levels of thought live in the same sphere. They have a normal, everyday life that fits the thoughts they hold. Their thoughts create the shared reality.

In this seance, he describes the levels of being, Karma, and the effects of chemicals on the environment. The seance begins with Sylvia Pankhurst (1882-1960) coming through briefly. Reverand Thomas comes through with some disparaging remarks about Sylvia Pankhurst, then begins his own message.



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