Validity of the
afterlife recordings

David Thompson
recordings: 2006

Reunions in the afterlife

Voices of people
in the afterlife

Why people in the
afterlife speak to us

Characteristics of
the afterlife

Developing a
medium group

Afterlife messages about spirit and existence

Christianity and Spiritual Growth

The Greater Reality


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Sir Henry Beerbohm-Tree


Sir Henry Beerbohm-Tree

Sir Henry Beerbohm Tree was an English actor and manager. He is very often referred to as "Henry" and "Beerbohm-Tree" with a hyphen. Beerbohm-Tree founded the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 1904 and was knighted in 1909.

Beerbohm-Tree says all in the afterlife are real human beings living in a world of reality. It is a great shock to many when they cross over to realize the naturalness of life. The world appears the same as Earth. Religion, he says, is about the last thing most of them think about. Death is the great and glorious gateway to a truly fuller and happier life. When we live our lives on the Earth plane, we are creating the conditions we will fnd ourselves in when we enter the afterlife.

22 minutes


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