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Terry Smith

A sailor came through in one of Leslie Flint's seances, saying he was a sailor on the British ship HMS Hood, sunk by a German battleship, the Bismark, on May 24, 1941, during WWII. Betty Greene explains that the admiralty did say a Terry Smith was on the Bismark when it sunk, but the Rolls of Honour listing at http://www.hmshood.com/ does not list a Terry Smith. The speaker describes what he remembered about the circumstances and what happened after his death. He describes the guide who came to meet him and take care of him. A cat spoke to him in thought. His guide explained that animals are able to communicate clearly, through thought. She explains that he is entering another condition of life. All life is very ancient, from previous lives. "You go on and on ad infinitum."

She explained that eventually he would realize he couldn't learn anything more on that plane and he would move on to a higher plane. You will have every opportunity to learn and study anything. She said, "You liked to play the piano on Earth, didn't you?" He said, "Yes," and she said, "You'll be able to learn how to be a great pianist here."

The people weren't old; they were mostly young people. They took his hand and called him by name. He learned later that this was a special community intended to help people make the transition.

30 minutes, recorded 1964


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