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Ghosts and Poltergeists

Several of the people in the afterlife who spoke at the recorded seances describe the activities of spirits who affect the physical world.

Harry Price gives a talk on ghosts

Harry Price (1881-1948) engaged in a seance in 1963 specifically to talk with George Woods and Betty Green about ghosts. Price was one of the most influential figures in the early years of ghost research.

Listen to Harry Price's talk on ghosts


Dr. Doherty acts as a poltergeist after his death

A physician in the afterlife who called himself Dr. Doherty came through in a seance in 1965. He explained that, after his death, he couldn't reconcile himself to being dead and paced through the house banging on things and throwing objects about. Those in the house were alarmed at the manifestations and thought it was a poltergeist. Eventually, he realized that his ranting wasn't helping him communicate, and he left.

Listen to Dr. Doherty describe his poltergeist activity


Andre explains about apparitions as memories in the atmosphere

A man who gave his name only as Andre came through in a Leslie Flint seance in 1964. He explained that those on the other side want to tell us a great deal about the afterlife, if they can only come through and find the words to describe the characteristics. He gives as an example an explanation of what we see as apparitions

Listen to Andre's talk on apparitions


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