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Thoughts: the Universal Language in the Afterlife

The speakers in Leslie Flint seances often stress that the afterlife is the realm of "thought," a general term that means it is entirely what we experience as the inner self or mind. There is "substance," described as being much the same as the substance on Earth, but it is generated by thought.

People communicate by thought, without speaking. Those in spirit often remark that they know the sitters' questions before they're asked because our thoughts are known to them, as they would be to us if we were attuned to them.

One speaker, who gave his name simply as O'Reilly, crossed over during World War I and had been, at the time of the seance, helping soldiers and civilians from the Vietnam War make the transition into the afterlife. He explains that he can understand the Vietnamese who cross over because everyone in the afterlife uses a "universal langauge" that is in thought.

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Betty Green:

How are you supporting, helping the Vietnam boys? What are you doing to help out?


I try to help. I don't just help the boys, I help some of the poor civilians, poor bastards, caught inbetween the botchin, kids and all. Wicked business. I would say it's a national disgrace. It's a disgrace, that business is.

Betty Green:

And how do you help them out?


Well, I help them when they're, when they're, you know, they're sort of wandering around dazed, and they're all dead, you know, so I give them a hand, try to make them understand. One thing is, I realized very quick since I come here, there's a sort of universal language here. Funny eh, don't have to speak languages, everyone understands exactly what your saying to them or what you think. It's as if you could read thoughts, well you can. You know, thoughts very real. Yeh, you oughta watch out.

Betty Green:

On your side, any language, on your side, is there any language?


Yeh, well, your thoughts, thoughts are very real. They're real things. You don't have to worry about language. Language is nothing.


The full seance has O'Reilly's message and Leslie Flint's scholarly
guide, Dr. Marshal's, explanation of O'Reilly's character.

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