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Alf Pritchatt's Message
(divided into segments)

Alfred Pritchatt, a British soldier
Killed in battle during World War I in 1917 or 1918
Recorded April 11, 1960

Alf Pritchatt's seance through Leslie Flint with Betty Green and George Woods as interviewers contains Alf Pritchatt's account of his death in a World War battle and his descriptions of what happened to him in the afterlife. You will hear George Woods and Betty Green speaking. Leslie Flint sits quietly, although you will occasionally hear him cough or sniffle. Other than those three people, no other material body is in the room where the recording is being made.

The seance is divided into segments because the seance is over 50 minutes long. If, as you listen, you decide you would rather listen to the entire seance, you may link to the page that has the entire seance from any of the following pages.

These are the segments:

  1. Alf Prichatt humbly introduces himself. (2:50)
  1. Disillusioned with the church for not opposing war (3:06)
  1. Strange occurrances at his death (8:52)
  1. Soldier killed a month previous comes to greet him (5:42)
  1. The environment in the afterlife (3:48)
  1. His friend explains to him that he's dead. (3:14)
  1. Told about the nature of the afterlife (23:21)
  1. Someone he forgot about welcomes him and he settles into the afterlife. (9:34)


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