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His friend explains
to him that he's dead.

Alfred Pritchatt, a British soldier
Killed in battle during World War I in 1917 or 1918
Recorded April 11, 1960

Those who pass away suddenly have all the same senses, thoughts, personality, and all other parts of their consciousness in the minutes after death as they had before. Many don't realize they've passed away. Often, a guide has to help them realize their situation. Alf's friend explains that he died on the battlefield.

3:14 minutes

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Other segments of Alf Pritchatt's seance:

  1. Alf Pritchatt humbly introduces himself. (2:50)
  2. Disillusioned with the church for not opposing war (3:06)
  3. Strange occurrences at his death (8:52)
  4. Soldier killed a month previous comes to greet him (5:42)
  5. The environment in the afterlife (3:48)
  6. Told about the nature of the afterlife (23:21)
  7. Someone he forgot about welcomes him and he settles into the afterlife. (9:34)


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