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Told about the nature of the afterlife

Alfred Pritchatt, a British soldier
Killed in battle during World War I in 1917 or 1918
Recorded April 11, 1960

23:21 minutes

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Other segments of Alf Pritchatt's seance:

  1. Alf Pritchatt humbly introduces himself. (2:50)
  2. Disillusioned with the church for not opposing war (3:06)
  3. Strange occurrances at his death (8:52)
  4. Soldier killed a month previous comes to greet him (5:42)
  5. The environment in the afterlife (3:48)
  6. His friend explains to him that he's dead. (3:14)
  7. Someone he forgot about welcomes him and he settles into the afterlife. (9:34)


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