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Alice Green Describes the Afterlife Environment

Alice Green came through in a seance with Leslie Flint, George Woods, and Betty Green on December 18, 1967. She explained the environment in the afterlife in several parts of her seance. She described what the town looked like as she walked with her husband. There were no shops or churches, but all sorts of other buildings, especially art galleries, and museums. There was no traffic because there were no vehicles. People were in little groups and children were laughing. She, as the other speakers, described marvelous music that came in color as well as sound. The buildings seemed to be made of marble, but with the sheen of "oyster shells."

She said that her husband loved to garden, but there were no weeds in the afterlife, although there is a soil, like the earth. No one picks the flowers.

It is never dark there, but there is a "form of darkness" and a kind of mental relaxation, not sleep.

There are lovely stages, she explains, with actors and actresses producing the old plays from Earth and new ones authors have written there.

Finally, she explains that there are large, natural parks with animals that are tame. She describes stroking a tiger.

For ease of listening, the seance has been edited to place all the descriptions of the environment together. The segment begins with her husband asking her to go out with him for a little walk. She recalls that she had terrible arthritis in her feet, but now was able to walk with no pain. Click on one of the sound bars that follow to listen to this portion of her seance.

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