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Brother John

On November 2, 1967, a spirit who gave his name as Brother John responded to a question from the sitter about abortion by speaking at length about the nature of life and the spirit. We have no biographical information about Brother John.

The overarching issue, he explains, is the fact that the physical body has very little significance. Whether the consideration is of the body dropping off at death or the body beginning at conception, the physical body is equally unimportant.

The primary issue is whether the spirit is able to grow and mature to spiritual maturity. The spirit, he explains, doesn't enter the body and begin to mature until later in development of the human being. While he doesn't give specific times for its entrance, he suggests that the child doesn't start developing the spirit until after birth, and in fact doesn't have the spirit that matures into adulthood until after "a period."

He admonishes us that we place too much importance on life, meaning the body. If a spirit doesn't enter a particular body to experience its time on the Earthly plane, it will enter some other body, or it may begin its spiritual growth on an entirely different sphere than Earth. There are many opportunities in vast numbers of spheres for a spirit to grow and mature; Earth is simply one of them. Nothing can kill the spirit. An abortion has no effect on the person that might have matured spiritually in that body.

With those background realizations, he explains that people shouldn't kill anything when possible, but if the circumstances are such that the spirit won't be able to develop on Earth because of physical or circumstantial problems, the fetus might need to be aborted. A generalization can't be made about abortion. It must be considered depending on the unique circumstances, and the overriding consideration is spiritual development, not life in the physical body.

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