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Dr. Cosmo Lang's Message

Dr. Cosmo Lang, Archbishop of Canterbury
Recorded in 1967

There is only one way in which the world can be saved from itself, and that is by the realization that love overcometh all things.

George Woods and Betty Green, who devoted their lives to recording Leslie Flint's sessions, recorded this session when Dr. Cosmo Lang spoke. The recording of Dr. Cosmo Lang's message follows. Conan Shaw, a well known psychical researcher who knew Dr. Lang listened to the tape and wrote,
After hearing and studying this tape I should like to place the following on record: As a chorister in York Minster (1908-15) I had many opportunities of coming into direct contact with Dr. Lang. On a number of special occasions I was chosen to carry the Archbishop's train. His slow style of speech comes out well on the tape as do his mannerisms. Both hands would clasp the top of his stole, then he would build up to a climax on one word or one phrase as he does on the tape to the word NOW and the phrase 'then they shall stand up in the Church and proclaim it' (this refers to (spiritualistic) Communication). His head would turn left to right, then right to left and centre observantly getting his three points home to the whole congregation.

Yes I have every confidence it is Dr. Cosmo Lang who is the communicator as he claims to be on the tape.
(signed) Conan Shaw

Dr. Lang's words follow:

And I say to you, there is only one way in which the world can be saved from itself, and that is by the realization that love overcometh all things. That those who have gone before you are concerned for you, each one. But we come back to your world endeavoring to break down the barriers that you have created by foolishness and ignorance over the centuries, and we knock at your door, hoping and praying that you will open just a little, that we may enter therein and save you from yourselves.


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