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David Thompson's
Seances Today

David Thompson is a physical medium, meaning that he exudes ectoplasm so that spirit can materialize and speak in direct voice. David has been holding meetings with a group in Australia they have named the "Silver Cord Circle." The group has had a variety of materializations and talks from those in the afterlife. They maintain strict controls to ensure that the voices and materializations are genuine, including tying up and gagging the medium and inspecting the room before each seance.

You can learn more about the seances and hear recordings of them at the Circle of the Silver Cord site.

To read the account of an entire seance written by an observer, click here.


Visit by Psychic Investigator, Camilla Persson

The group attending the David Thompson seances invited a psychic investigator and author, Camilla Persson, to attend the seance on October 22, 2006. The session began with precautions to prevent fraud. As Camilla Persson watched, David Thompson was tied with with one-way tags and gagged. Ten seals were set that would show signs of being broken. In other words, he was rendered incapable of speaking or moving from his seat. The room had one window that was blocked and physically impossible to open. The one door was sealed. No one could enter and no sounds could penetrate.

The seance began. William came through, first in voice. William is David Thompson's control in the afterlife, who has been dead for over 100 years. William then materialized, walked to Camilla Persson, held her face affectionately, and talked to her in a clear, strong, resonant voice. Jack, one of William’s team on the other side, materialized, walked to Ms. Persson, and shook hands with her. Jack then also talked to her in a strong, masculine voice.

A red light allowed all to see in the room. Ms. Persson saw ectoplasm, a whitish, organic substance emitted from David Thompson that allows the spirits to materialize. She sat next to Mitch, who photographed the ectoplasm in red light.

The group then heard the voices of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Louis Armstrong, and Gandhi. The deceased father of one of the sitters spoke and gave his daughter an exquisite jeweled butterfly that she now has.

Ms. Persson said she was quite shocked by the sensational results. She talked to, touched, and even smelled the materialized entities. She reported they had different smells, different voices, different attitudes, different interests, and different priorities. Afterwards, Camilla Persson was interviewed about the experience.

You may listen to the interview by clicking on one of the sound bars.

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