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A Son Talks to His Mother and Father

David Browning crossed into the afterlife and several years later, carried on regular conversations with his mother and father through Leslie Flint.

Flint and David's mother and father were the only ones in the room. In the recording, David, in spirit, speaks first. The audio is a little difficult to hear, especially at first. A transcript of the conversation follows.

David (in spirit): I could have come earlier, but I felt that perhaps Iíd wait until almost the end, you know.

Mrs. Browning: Yes.

David (in spirit): Not butt in. And, I mean sometimes, some people donít seem to get much time or opportunity. Mrs. Portage, her husband always seems to hang back.

Mrs. Browning: Oh, he does, doesnít he?

David (in spirit): I decided tonight Iím going to hang back and give some of the others a chance.

Mrs. Browning: Oh, that was very good of you Darliní. Will I be seeing you soon, will I be hearing from you soon, cause Leslieís going off to America.

David (in spirit): You know Mum, you know Mum.

Mrs. Browning: Yes Dear.

David (in spirit): You know, wherever, wherever you are, I can come to you.

Mrs. Browning: Yes, I know.

David (in spirit): I know itís nice to come and talk to me and I love to come and talk to you, itís marvelous. But the whole point is that wherever you and Dad are, Iím there.

Mrs. Browning: Yes, I know that.

David (in spirit): You perhaps don't even realize it, especially when youíre quiet and peaceful, or perhaps youíre, you know, listening to wireless or watching the Telly or something, whatever it is. Time and place mean nothing to me any more. I can be with you whenever I want to. I come to see you every day without fail. You know that.

Mrs. Browning: Yes, Darliní. Do I ever come over when I'm asleep?

David (in spirit): Oh yes, quite often.

Mrs. Browning: I donít remember anything when I awake.

David (in spirit): You donít. Well, I only hope one day you will.

Mrs. Browning: Iíd love to.

David (in spirit): Because Iíd like to think that youíll remember some of the things that happen because youíre often with me over here. But there again, you know, itís so often with you that I wonder if maybe later on, who knows, that maybe I could do certain things to attract your attention. Iíd like to do that.

Mrs. Browning: Yes, that would be very good.

David (in spirit): Silly things, perhaps, but nevertheless, that would could give you some indication of my presence. That would be something, wouldnít it?

Mrs. Browning: Yes, that would be.

David (in spirit): Can you hear me Dad?

Mr. Browning: Yes, Iím here David.



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