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Dean Inge's Message

Dean William Ralph Inge

British theologian and writer, Anglican prelate, professor of divinity at
Jesus College, Cambridge, Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

Recorded in 1960  

The only way to find salvation is through
service and through love, through putting oneself
further and further into the background.

Dean Inge's words, recorded by George Woods and Betty Green, sitting with Leslie Flint in the seance, follow.


Dean Inge:

It is an appalling thought that the teachings of Christ, the fundamental truths that he and other great souls have taught, the revelation that has been given, the works that have been done in this realization of God's will and purpose, that so much, unfortunately, has been obscured, so much has been misinterpreted, so much has been given forth that did not even emanate from him or others like him.

That you have in your world such chaos among men that they themselves unfortunately cannot see only so far. It as if they themselves in their foolishness, like children, have lost the way. 'Tis a pity and a great sadness to us. And as I look back over my life, I realize only too well how, in my own ignorance, though I thought I was a man of learning and experience, though I thought that I had truth, I realize that that which I had was but an aspect, and it had been, unfortunately, confined in such a way that it came into the world indeed to save sinners, imagine a world that is ofttimes destitute, for man himself can only achieve greatness, spiritual greatness by his own efforts. No other individual can do it for you. Christ and others have pointed the way and set the example, and it is for us to follow in their footsteps and to become like them. But when we consider, as so often when on Earth one does, that we are saved, in a sense that these efforts of ours, puny as they are, have some effect and yet in themselves, are pointless because another has been sent to do this, to make possible the salvation. Once we realize that we can throw ourselves upon another soul to be saved, then I am convinced that we have committed a grave error, indeed a sin. Because I am convinced that whatever achievement, whatever effort we make, that in itself is the important thing. That we must endeavor, we must strive, we must struggle, we must overcome within ourselves. No one can do this for us; we must do it ourselves. We must follow the path that has been set, and if we do that, then indeed we will find salvation, but only through our own effort not through the effort of another.

This one Jesus, that so much has been spoken of, this great soul who came into the world in such a humble way, and lived a life giving forth love, giving forth the realization of God's will and purpose. In all the things that he said and did, he endeavored to show the only way to development of spiritual consciousness. The only way to find salvation was through service and through love, through putting oneself further and further into the background. In other words, become a vessel, for greater souls, for greater teachings, for greater realization of God's will and purpose. We are instruments, and when we realize that, when we realize how much can be done through us, how much we can give out which so few ever do; whenever we realize the true meaning and purpose of our lives, then we begin to see, then we begin to grow and expand, then we begin to become at least something like Christ.

But to think that one person, that one soul, even though sent from the Highest, can save us, is a fallacy.




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