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Jesus, Demons, Mediums, and the Afterlife

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David Thompson Seance Recordings: 2006–2007

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A Spirit Communication Proving Afterlife Communication

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Christianity and Spiritual Growth

The Greater Reality


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Your Eternal Self

The author of this Web site is writing a book bringing together everything we now know about the afterlife, consciousness, the nature of physical reality, and the psychic into a book to help readers know they are eternal beings having a physical experience.

You can read chapters from the book as it's being written. Click on the book cover below to go to the Web site for the book.



Listen to a Clear, Eloquent, Engaging Description of the Afterlife from Someone Living There

We enthusiastically recommend that you listen to the description of the afterlife given in a seance in 1965 by Dame Ellen Alicia Terry, the Shakespearean actress who died in 1928. It explains what the afterlife is and encourages us to look forward to it as the most wonderful part of our eternal lives. She explains the condition people find themselves in and the fact that there is no hell, only each person's assessment of his life.


Dame Ellen Alicia Terry


Listen to her message.






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