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Guided Afterlife Connections

Anyone can have their own afterlife connection with a loved one living on the next plane of life. Without a medium. Read about this wonderful new procedure at this link.


Center for Spiritual Understanding

The Center for Spiritual Understanding is being established to provide a place where regular after-death communication occurs and people can come to alleviate grief and misunderstandings about death. It will have ongoing research into the afterlife and after-death communication.

Learn more . . .


Illinois Meetup Group: The Afterlife and Spiritual Understanding

Link to calendar

A group meets weekly in Central Illinois for presentations and discussions:

  • evidence the afterlife is a proven reality
  • afterlife books and videos
  • sharing after-death experiences
  • having after-death communications
  • mental and physical mediumship
  • what living in the afterlife is like
  • how spirits affect people on Earth
  • past lives
  • spiritual maturity and growth
  • identifying religious superstition
  • spiritual truths of the great teachers


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Thanks to David C. Donnison

      A heartfelt thanks to David C. Donnison for refining the audio on the recordings presented on this website.


Primary Source of Leslie Flint Seance Recordings

      This website is dedicated to the Leslie Flint recordings of people speaking from the afterlife. The source of the Leslie Flint seance recordings is the Leslie Flint Educational Trust. All of the recordings on this website are owned by the Leslie Flint Educational Trust. We recommend that you log onto the Trust's website for a wide array of Leslie Flint recordings. This website is just intended to give you an introduction to the treasure trove of recordings at the Trust.


      The Reality of the Afterlife

      The afterlife is as real as this life. Volumes of research data, verified accounts of experiences, and recordings of people from the afterlife are available today. The mass of evidence testifies to the undoubtable fact that the afterlife is a reality.

However, in spite of the vast array of evidence, Western culture still lives in ignorance about what happens after a person dies. The truth was obscured first by the church that dominated Western culture until the seventeenth century, then by materialism that took hold of Western thought from the seventeenth century until today. Both the church and materialism suppressed evidence about the afterlife because it ran counter to their doctrines. They derided or persecuted anyone who spoke of the life after this life. They continue to do so today.

As a result, Western culture has lived in a dark age of ignorance about the afterlife.

Today, that is changing. Television and the Internet have allowed humankind to learn about the evidence for the afterlife and the nature of the realm that everyone enters after leaving the Earthly plane. The result is the Renaissance of spiritual realization we are now just beginning to experience. It's an exciting time to be alive.

The After Death Communication Guides site is devoted to providing information about the afterlife and spiritual growth, focusing especially on the recorded descriptions of the afterlife given by people who are now living there, conveyed through direct-voice mediums.  

The Afterlife Is As Real As This Life

      Those of us who have studied carefully the literature about the afterlife know, without doubt, that it's as real as this life. Copernicus told people that the Earth is not the center of the universe, but that truth had to be repeated for nearly 100 years until Galileo provided the proof. Even then, the truth wasn't accepted for decades. The same is true of the afterlife. The evidence is undeniable; humankind just hasn't awakened to it yet.

      Within the vast body of evidence, one of the most convincing areas of proof is the recordings of physical medium seances in which people who are in the afterlife speak to their loved ones still on Earth. They're as alive now as they ever were!

      Mothers speak to their children; spouses speak to their partners on the other side. No parent, child, or spouse could mistake the voice they hear, the intonation and words they use, and the intimate details they share.

      Some of these conversations between loved ones have gone on repeatedly for years. They have long, regular conversations about how they're doing and what life is like in the afterlife. The facts that the conversations are about intimate details and perfectly like having a conversation over coffee are among the strongest proofs that when people stop using the body, they simply continue living in the next plane of life.

      Four small segments of such conversations are presented here for you to listen to. The transcripts of the recordings are on the pages you will see so you can follow the conversations as they speak. If you need proof that these recordings are really people in the afterlife, read it at this link:

Proof the recordings are valid.

Douglas (in spirit) and his wife Eira Conacher, London publishers:


Michael (in spirit), killed in WWII, and his mother, Mrs. Fearon:



David (in spirit) and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Browning:



Nick (in spirit) and the love of his life, Sarah:



Newly Found Interesting Recordings

      The Leslie Flint seance recordings contain a treasure trove of descriptions of the afterlife, spirituality, the Earth environment, spirits and ghosts, God, the origins of disease, and a great variety of other topics of vital interest to humankind. The author of this Web site has listened to hundreds of the recordings and continues to listen to more. Many are included on this Web site. In this section of the first page, he will post the most fascinating, enlightening recordings as he finds them.

      Most of the people in spirit in Flint's seances were British and the recording equipment was pretty primitive, so you may have to strain to understand the speakers.

On organ transplants

     One of the pivotal people on the next plane of life who came through in Leslie Flint seances gave his name as Dr. Marshal. He often brought people in spirit to the seances to give the sitters viewpoints. In this recording, Dr. Marshal answers a question about the spiritual considerations in organ transplants.


A casual talk with his wife on the other side

     A man came over 60 times to Leslie Flint to have casual conversations with his wife in spirit, Annie Nanji, from 1971 to 1983. In this recording, she describes going to a rose garden, in spirit, with her husband. It shows how our loved ones stay with us and walk with us when we are doing things that are memorable of them.


Should people be vegetarians?

      Should people on Earth become vegetarians? A person in spirit named Brother John explains his viewpoint from spirit about not eating flesh. He also explains how humankind has created the world in which we live over eons.


On the person of Jesus

      Who was Jesus? A person in spirit named Brother John describes who Jesus was and is. Brother John speaks first. The sitter with Leslie Flint asks the question.



A Clear, Eloquent, Engaging Description of the Afterlife from Someone Living There

      We enthusiastically recommend that you listen to the description of the afterlife given in a seance in 1965 by Dame Ellen Alicia Terry, the Shakespearean actress who died in 1928. It explains what the afterlife is and encourages us to look forward to it as the most wonderful part of our eternal lives. She explains the condition people find themselves in and the fact that there is no hell, only each person's assessment of his life.


Dame Ellen Alicia Terry


Listen to her message.



Direct-Voice Medium Communication

      Direct-voice mediums have the ability to enable people living in the afterlife to speak audibly so sitters in the seance can hear the voices, and the voices can be recorded on a tape recorder. A number of direct-voice mediums have given thousands of such seances. The voices came through a voice box created in the air to communicate. Portions of this Web site are devoted to these mediums. Before you listen to the recordings, read the constraints on how the voices were produced in the explanation of direct-voice mediumship.

      Thanks to Tom and Ann Harrison of Alicante Spain as caretakers of 120 Woods-Greene Leslie Flint direct voice recordings. The original tapes were converted by Ann to digital format, so as to preserve and share this remarkable collection with humankind.

Listen to the voices.


Recording of a Living Woman Speaking
with Her Transitioned Loved One

      A woman from England named Sarah was invited to visit David Thompson's Circle of the Silver Cord in early February 2007. As those assembled sat waiting, a whispered voice came through. The sitters asked whom the voice belonged to and he whispered "Nick." Immediately, Sarah realized that it was the spirit of the love of her life who had passed away five months earlier, in August, 2006. Nick and Sarah spoke for a few minutes and she felt him physically caress her face in his hands. The audio and transcript of their loving communication are available for you to listen to and read.

Listen to Sarah and Nick's seance


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