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Instructions from People in Spirit about Developing a Physical Mediumship Circle


Medium groups such as Leslie Flint's, David Thompson's, and the Scole group require a unique set of people and an atmosphere conducive to having those on the other side of life willing to come through and able to come to the Earthly plane to speak. The people must be in complete love and complete harmony with one another.

Those in the afterlife who endeavor to communicate in circles such as Leslie Flint's and David Thompsons' are doing so to try to help humanity evolve spiritually, just as they are helping souls on their side. They are not communicating to get messages to relatives or keep hold on the Earth. Many remark, in fact, that they have little interest in earth for their own lives because of the new focus their lives have and the wonderful nature of the afterlife compared to the dismal condition of the Earth.

As part of their effort to help humanity evolve, they have given instructions for medium groups and the Spiritualist church specifically.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Instructions
for a Successful Medium Circle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) is best known as the author of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. When he crossed over into the spirit world, he continued that interest. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle came through in a Leslie Flint seance to explain how groups such as the Leslie Flint group must be formed to allow the spirit to communicate to them.

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Stanton Moses' Instructions for Mediums and Circle Sitters

Sir William Stanton Moses was a prominent late nineteenth-century British Spiritualist. In Moses' seances, the sitters observed many instances of direct writing, matter passing through matter, direct voice, and materializations. In a series of seances, he gives advice for mediums and sitters in seance circles.

Seance 1


Seance 2



Dr. Marshal Urges Medium Groups
to Accept All Spirits Who Come

Dr. Marshal was Leslie Flint's scholarly guide. He explains that medium circles and Spiritualist gatherings should welcome spirits from all spheres, from the lower, rougher spheres to the higher.

Dr. Marshal's counsel to the sitters there, addressed to all who are mediums or sit at medium circles, is clear and pointed.

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Sir William Crookes Explains Medium Communication

Sir William Crookes (1832–1919) was an English chemist and physicist. In a Leslie Flint seance on July 6, 1979, he explained the challenges in communicating through mediums and gave advice for the Spiritualist movement.

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