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Sam Woods:
Reunited with His Family

Sam Woods described what happened after he passed away. He said he "passed over in my bed from old age." He took to his bed and in a matter of a few days, as he said, "kicked the bucket." "It's just like going to sleep," he said.

He woke up in a room with flowers in a beautiful house he had always wanted. His wife was there, looking 30 years younger, looking down at him where he was lying. His wife's brother was there. Then he saw his mother. At first he didn't recognize her because she looked like a young woman, a beautiful lady. Squatting down at the side of the couch on which he was reclining was his dog "Tim" and the family cat, "Marmy," both of whom had passed away years before.

The text of his seance follows the sound bar.

Sam Woods:

The actual idea of leaving your lot, your world, and coming over here, oh itís nothing, itís just like going to sleep and waking up into a new environment. You might say that itís so much nicer and pleasanter than anything you might know on Earth. And all your old pals and your relations that youíre fond of standing around and about you, all giving you a welcome. Itís a very nice how díya do, Iíll tell you.

I remember waking up in what appeared to be a nice little place, in the grass, nice room, nice flowers, oh, beautiful little house it was, the sort of place Iíd hoped one day I might have, but I knew jolly well from my own experience on Earth that Iíd never have it on your side, because I never had the wherewithal to buy it or even rent such a place. Here, I found myself in a very nice, oh, a lovely little place, it was. It was not too big, it was just my cup of tea. Just very pleasant.

And there, there was my old lady looking as I remember her, oh, many years ago, oh, looking thirty years younger. She was standing there looking down at me. I was lying on this here sort of couch arrangement. And I remember sort of waking as it were from sleep. And first thing I saw was this lovely room and then my dear lady standing there at the bottom of the bed, as it were, or couch rather, and one or two other people that I had known. There was my wifeís brother who died, oh 1914-18 war, he came over, he was torpedoed or something in the first world war aboard ship.

And there was me mother; at first I didnít even know it was me mother, I didnít caughton on to that at all. Then I recognized her and realized how much younger she looked. It was my mother, but you know, I didnít recognize her. She looked like a young woman about twenty. Iíd seen a photo taken of her many years ago, but I never caughton onto the fact that it was me mother. It soon dawned on me who she was. At first, she looked like a beautiful lady that I had some vague idea of but never knew. Itís a funny thing, you know, but a bit. Oh, various people were there, people Iíd known.

What amazed me more than anything there, squatted down on the side there was my old dog Timothy. Oh, a lovely old creature Tim was. We had him for about fifteen years and oh, he was a nice old dog. And there was a cat that my wife had always been fond of, ginger cat, it was. We used to call her ďOld Marmie,Ē it was a marmalade cat, ďMarmie.Ē

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