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Ted Butler: A Sudden Death

Ted Butler describes what it was like dying after a truck hit him. He spoke in a seance in 1964 with Leslie Flint as the medium. As with most of the deceased people who came through during Leslie Flint's seances, Ted Butler was British.

A transcript of his description follows. Ted Butler had just explained that he remembered something coming at him (a truck) and it killed him. Betty Green asks Ted Butler what happened at the moment of his death. Click on the small arrow that is at the left end of the sound bar that follows to hear Ted Butler speak. It may take a little time for the recording to load.

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Betty Green: How did you actually find yourself? I mean, yes, in what sort of condition?

Ted Butler:

Oh, I don't know. All I know is that I saw a crowd of people all standing, looking down at something and I had a look with the crowd and I looked and saw someone who looked exactly like me. I thought, well at first I didn't realize it was me I thought, "Well that's a coincidence that fellow looks the same as I do exactly the same might be a twin brother." It was me of course. I didn't get cotton on at the time. And then I realized that my wife who was there crying her eyes out, of course she didn't seem to realize I was standing beside her, she was making such a fuss, and howtodo of course which was only natural I suppose, naturally. But she didn't seem her own self, and this is a rotten deal this is.

Anyway, they put the body in the ambulance, you know, the wife got in and some nurse, from some woman was there, she must have been a nurse, and I'd actually got in with the wife and sat in this ambulance, and she didn't seem to realize I was sitting there at all. And gradually it came on me that that was me lying down there and I was sitting there as right as rain you might say, but wife didn't seem to have cotton on to the fact that I was there, and I went to the hospital. Oh, then of course they put me in a mortuary and I didn't like that at all, I didn't fancy that, so I got out of there quick and went home. There my wife was in the missus' kitchen next door trying to comfort her, you know. Oh dear, it was a time I mean that was the worst time along the first week I suppose, it must have been.

Then there was the funeral and all that of course I went to that and I thought to myself at the time well I don't know all this fuss and howtodo and expense for nothing because there I was. I was in the carriage, a horse drawn carriage my wife had--she knew my love of horses--they did had motors but she wanted this horse drawn, I suppose, and it was all very touching but at the same time it all seemed so damned silly to me because there I was.


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