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A Spirit Communication Proving Afterlife Communication

David Thompson
Recordings: 2006

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Why People in the
Afterlife Speak to Us

Halloween, ghost stories, movies about the a fantasy afterlife in the clouds where people with wings strum harps, and all of the other fiction about the afterlife have trivialized consideration of humankind's destiny in the universe. While most people today feel the afterlife is a continuation of this life, virtually no one seriously looks toward it. Those in the afterlife view our world with great concern that people have no understanding of death or eternal life. They see chaos, violence, and war as signs that humankind is still quite primitive spiritually.

The 120 recordings of people in the afterlife speaking have common themes that the speakers reiterate. Many explain that those in the afterlife are working together to make contact with the material world easier so people come to realize the truths about life and the afterlife. Great teams of scientists, philosophers, and notable thinkers whose names we know from history are banding together in an effort to help people on this side of life. We are being taught, influenced, and offered opportunities to grow continually. Before you listen to the recordings, read the constraints on how the voices were produced in the explanation of direct-voice mediumship. The explanation will appear in a new window.

The speakers especially stress three reasons people on that side of life are working with such diligence to communicate with us.

  1. Understanding the afterlife will help people get their lives in order.

    Those in the afterlife come to speak to us through normal mediums (intellectual mediums), direct-voice mediums, intuition messages conveyed to us by thought, and after-death communication. They explain that they do so to help us understand the afterlife so we are able to prepare for death and understand that death is just a transition, not the end of life.

    Samuel Wilberforce's Message

    Samuel Wilberforce was Deacon of Westminster (England), and Bishop of Oxford (1844-1873). In this 1967 seance, Wilberforce eloquently explains why those on the other side endeavor to make contact through direct-voice mediums.


    Listen to Samuel Wilberforce's Message


  2. The purpose of Earthly life is for individuals and humankind to mature spiritually.

    Spiritual growth continues in the afterlife, through many spheres of existence and through a great number of lives for each person in those spheres. However, Earth is the training ground that prepares people for the afterlife. The hope is that if people realize that their Earthly life is but a small segment of their entire existence, they will begin to live their lives differently and will grow spiritually. Their lives in this life will be more comfortable and congenial, and they will be able to mature when they come into the spheres of existence in the afterlife. The result is that humankind will live in peace and harmony.

    The purpose of meetings with mediums and among Spiritualists must be to help those attending learn truths so they grow spiritually. The messages from mediums are only one means to that end, not ends in themselves.

    Emma Hardinge-Britten's Message

    Emma Hardinge-Britten was an advocate for the early Spiritualist movement. George Woods and Betty Green recorded her message through the medium Leslie Flint to those in this life about the importance of bringing together all of humankind in peace.


    Listen to Emma Hardinge-Britten's Message


    Brother Bernard's Message

    Brother Bernard explains in his message through Leslie Flint that those on the other side helping us are endeavoring to help people realize that life doesn't end in death so they change their view of reality and life.

    Listen to Brother Bernard's Message

    Rudolph Valentino's Message

    Rudolph Valentino explains in his message through Leslie Flint that he hopes Betty Green and George Wood will write a book with the messages those in spirit are giving through Leslie Flint to bring what he calls the "vital truth" to the world. He feels knowledge of that truth can take away all the fear and turmoil of the world, giving humanity an inner, spiritual peace by unfettering humankind from the chains that bind us. The entire world will change and true peace will come.

    Listen to Rudolph Valentino's Message


  3. Those in this life must break down the barriers that separate people.

    The souls in the afterlife come to us fervently hoping that they can help us to have an international view, without separation through nationalities and geographical allegiances. They reiterate often that we on Earth must not defend one religion as the only true religion while all others are false. All allegiances that create separation must be eliminated.

    Queen Alexandra of Denmark's Message

    Queen Alexandra of Denmark (Queen consort of Edward VII of England and Queen Mother of George V of England) spoke to George Woods and Betty Green through the medium, Leslie Flint.

    Queen Alexandra stressed that the only important thing in life is to do God's work. We must view Earthly life internationally rather than nationally, and interact with one another irrespective of class or creed or color or language.

    Listen to Queen Alexandra's Message


    Queen Victoria of England's Message

    George Woods and Betty Green recorded Queen Victoria of England explaining that those in the afterlife are very interested in what transpires in our world. They try desperately to help in many ways: "We seek true brotherhood among nations and peoples that they may live and dwell together in peace and tranquility working to do the will of God while yet on Earth."

    Listen to Queen Victoria's Message


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