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Experiences in the
Period after Death

The minutes, hours, and even weeks after death contain a variety of types of occurrences, depending on the person, the person's state of mind, belief systems, and manner of passing. All of the occurrences seem to be intended to help the person make a comfortable, unstressful transition into the world of spirit and help the person begin to grow in spiritual maturity in this new life after earthly life.

Experiences of those who pass away suddenly

Those who have passed away often describe finding themselves outside of their dead bodies immediately after passing. They don't realize they have died, and may walk around the scene as though they were still in a body. Passing into spirit doesn't result in a sudden transformation. After they die, they are the same person they were before death, just without a body.

When the person dies suddenly, there is no time for a preparation or transition. The person is in a body one instant and out of the body the next. They don't know what has happened and must come to a realization over time, often with the help of a guide. Loved ones will not be there to greet them because they didn't realize their passing was imminent and weren't prepared to be there.

As a result, those who die suddenly may linger around the places they frequented while alive for days or weeks, able to see everyone and perform such routine activities as getting on and off of busses, but they are not able to communicate. That is illustrated in Ted Butler's account of his passing.


Being greeted by a loved one

Others described being greeted by a loved one. That is especially true when the person has been dying for a period of time and the loved ones are prepared for the transition. It is common for the dying person to begin the transition into the spiritual realm even before death through visitations from or dreams of deceased loved ones. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross suggests that children, especially, actually begin to make trips to the spirit realm in preparation for their passing.

Leslie Flint's seances include an account by a man named George Wilmot of being greeted by a loved one on passing away.


Descriptions of a guide helping the
person make the transition

Very often, the deceased describe being helped by a guide. The guides include family members, ordinary people, and unusually attractive, tall, charismatic guides. All of the descriptions indicate that no one dies alone. Every individual who passes away is met and helped to make the transition. Those who pass away suddenly, especially, need someone to help them realize that they are no longer in the Earthly plane, although they are still seeing it and sensing it as they did in the moments before passing.


George Wilmot's description of a guide

After describing his greeting from Jenny, his horse, George Wilmot described the guide who came to him.


Alfred Higgins' description of a guide

In his seance with Leslie Flint, Alfred Higgins describes what happened after his death. He was having a difficult time realizing that he was dead. His guide helped him see scenes from the Earth that demonstrated the reality of his death.


Ted Butler's description of the woman who helped him

Guides are very often people who lived on earth and have devoted their lives to helping the deceased make the transition, especially those who die suddenly and don't understand where they are. They describe themselves as being "rescuers," and devote their lives to that humanitarian endeavor. Ted Butler, in a seance with Leslie Flint in 1964, describes being bewildered for weeks after his death. He describes the rescuer who finally assisted him.


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