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Mentally Impaired
in the Afterlife

Amy Johnson gives a talk on the
mentally impaired in the afterlife

Amy Johnson (1903-1941) was the first British woman to earn a ground engineer's license to work with planes. In 1930, she became the first woman to fly from England to Australia, an 11,000 mile flight. She went on to set more flying records. In 1940, during World War II, she joined the Air Transport Auxiliary, flying Royal Air Force Planes around the country. She died in a flight-related accident in 1941.

Amy Johnson came through in a seance in 1970. She explained that she wants to be a teacher in the afterlife, and is doing so to some extent now. She goes on to explain that teaching "children" also involves teaching people who were adults on Earth, but who didn't develop mentally beyond the level of a child. You may skip this summary to listen to the explanation. The explanation is summarized in the paragraphs that follow.

Amy Johnson explains that those who come into the afterlife from Earth with a retarded mental condition, such as mongoloid retardation, have dropped off the body that created the retardation. In the afterlife, they enter as though they were at the age level of a child with that mental development. Since the body has dropped off, the reason for the retardation is gone and the person develops normally into an intelligent, articulate person. In fact, she remarks, they're quite bright.

She goes on to explain that we think of individuals as separate beings, but we are all one being, and as such are all able to develop to the same mental and spiritual maturity. On Earth, it is just the body that retards development.

She explains that it was never expected that some people would be born imperfectly. The physical problems are a result of humankind's general lack of physical, mental, and spiritual maturity. The implication of her statement is that if humankind evolved mentally and spiritually, the physical problems that cause retarded mental growth would disappear.

Click on the sound bar to hear Amy Johnson's seance presentation on the mentally impaired in the afterlife. Betty Green asks her what she would like to do there, in the afterlife. In a short time, Betty Green asks about mongoloid retarded people who come into the afterlife. A transcript of this recording is not available yet.


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