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Growing in Spiritual Maturity in the Afterlife

Rev. Charles Drayton Thomas:
How People Mature Spiritually in the Afterlife

The Reverend Charles Drayton Thomas (1867-1953) was a Methodist minister in England who devoted a major portion of his life to systematic psychic study. In 1970, he came through in a Leslie Flint seance describing the work he was doing in the afterlife. In the process of explain what he was doing, he described the process people go through to grow spiritually. He describes the levels of being and that some souls are lethargic. His role is to help them grow out of that lethargy and start to ascend to higher planes.

Listen to Drayton Thomas' explanation

Alice Green: Content to Stay Where She Is

Alice Green came through in a seance with Leslie Flint, George Woods, and Betty Green on December 18, 1967. She is one of the "lethargic" souls Rev. Charles Drayton Thomas is seeking to help move out of their lethargy and grow into higher planes. She asserts that she is perfectly content to stay where she is.

Listen to the Alice Green's explanation

Michael Fearon: Advancing Spiritually and
Learning about a Force

Michael Fearon was killed in action June 9, 1944, at Normandy, in World War I. His seance in which he spoke to his mother is on this Web site.

In this seance, his mother had crossed over into the spiritual realm and he held back his own spiritual progression to help her. He explains how people do that on the other side.

He then goes on to explain the new project in which he's involved. He's learning how to use a force to create buildings. It isn't just by thought without effort, but by thought with a creative effort.

Listen to Michael Fearon's explanation


Dennis Scott: Spiritual Progression through Levels

Dennis Scott came through in a seace in 1968 explaining the levels and spheres people progress through in the afterlife.

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