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Skeptics and Those
Open to Understanding

Spiritual growth requires, above all, openness. Developing spiritually requires that a person go beyond himself or herself, so an openness to growth is necessary. Those who come through in seances are very critical of the close-minded skeptics, especially those with religious beliefs that cause them to shut out knowledge they could be using to grow and change.

Gustave Geley: On Skeptics

Dr Gustave Geley (1865-1924) was a doctor on the Faculty of Medicine of Lyon. He was also a distinguished psychical researcher and director of the Institut Metapsychique International between 1919 and 1924.

In a seance through medium Leslie Flint, Dr. Geley advises George Woods and Betty Green not to worry about the skeptics.

Listen to Dr. Gustave Geley's message.


Matherson: Difficulties with the Closed-Minded

This speaker gave his name as "Matherson." In his seance, he speaks about the problems they on the other side and we on this side of life will always have with the closed-minded people, especially those with strong religious views.

Listen to Matherson's message.

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