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Animals in the Afterlife

Two Wonderful Books Show Our Pets Live On

There's no doubt that our pets live on the other side, waiting for us. There our loved ones care for them and they greet us when we cross over. These are two wonderful books about the souls of our pets.


Spiritualism and Pets in the Afterlife

This Web site has information about Spiritualism and pets in the afterlife: Spiritualism and pets

People in the Afterlife Speak about Pets

People who have had induced after-death communication experiences often describe deceased pets with the people in their sessions, and even entire sessions with just an animal as the focus. Deceased pets are seen in spontaneous after-death communication experiences as well. Animals in the afterlife are able to communicate with the deceased.

George Wilmot describing his guide's explanation about animals in the afterlife

In one seance, George Wilmot communicated through medium Leslie Flint. George had a horse named Nelly with whom he was very close, but he was surprised to see Nelly when he passed away. George's guide, Michael, explained why his horse's spirit was in the afterlife.

Listen to George Wilmot's account of what his guide told him


Alice Green describes the animals in the afterlife

In Alice Green's seance with Leslie Flint, George Woods, and Betty Green, she explains that there are large, natural parks populated with friendly, tame animals and no cages.

Listen to Alice Green's description of the animals

Bessie Smith describes her cat and other animals

Bessie Smith was a slave in America who spoke in a seance by Leslie Flint in 1984. In this seance, she describes her pet cat, other pets, and animals that are in the afterlife.

Listen to Bessie Smith's descriptions


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