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War: Futile and Against
the Will of God

The speakers in the direct-medium seances are unanimous in declaring that war is futile--no one wins. War is not in God's will for humankind, and when a person fights a war, it is never blessed by God.

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Jeremiah: Our War was Futile

A speaker in one of Leslie Flint's seances gave his name only as "Jeremiah." He was a foot soldier fighting for Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) in a civil war against the British king Charles I and the Anglican church. He wanted to establish a republic with a strong Parliament. Cromwell succeeded in overthrowing Charles I, but when Cromwell died, Charles II, the heir to the throne, took the crown and all the bloodshed on both sides was for naught.

Jeremiah realized the futility of war at the moment after his passing in a battle between Cromwell's forces and soldiers loyal to Charles I. As he looked at the dead from both sides, he was overwhelmed with pity. In his message to Betty Green and George Woods with Leslie Flint as the medium, he decried war in any form, but especially in the name of God.


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