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People Grow Spiritually by Changing Thoughts

The afterlife is the realm of thoughts. This Earthly life is as well, but the material world so preoccupies people that they focus on it rather than on their thoughts. Actually, however, in all of humankind on this side of the veil and the other side, thoughts are the basis of existence.

People in the afterlife mature spiritually and go into more enlightened spheres of living solely by changing their thinking. Those people who are earthbound are not able to change their thinking to release themselves from the Earth, so they may wander on it for centuries, unable to communicate but unwilling to change their thinking.

However, people who learn about life, God, compassion, loving, and other people become more spiritually mature and rise into other spheres of existence. They do so because of changes in thought.

Jeremiah: I Was Able to Release Myself Immediately after Death

Jeremiah, a foot soldier fighting in a civil war against the British king Charles I and the Anglican church, in the seventeenth century was killed in battle. He found himself in a higher vibration plane because he felt pity and remorse, not rage, so his thoughts had released him from the Earthly plane.

Listen to Jeremiah's message.


Dennis Scott: Progression through Spheres and Levels

Dennis Scott came through in a seace in 1968 with a very clear explanation of the levels and spheres people progress through in the afterlife.

Listen to Dennis Scott's message.

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