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Geography and Travel in the Afterlife

Those describing the afterlife in the seances explain that they walk, sometimes long distances. There are no automobiles or other mechanical devices for travel, but they do ride horses.

However, the most remarkable method of travel is by thought. It isn't travel across geography, but rather thought to another scene. By just thinking of a place, the person is transported to it immediately. The deceased often describe the guide who first meets them taking their hand and transporting them immediately to another place where they can relax and talk.

Alice Green's Description of Being Transported

Alice Green came through in a Leslie Flint seance on December 18, 1967. She describes her husband, who had died 40 years previous, walking toward her and greeting her. He took her hand and she was suddenly sitting in a "nice, pleasant house" where her husband's mother was.

Listen to Alice Green's description

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Alice Green's Description of Either Walking or Using Thought to Travel

Later in her seance, Alice Green responded to George Wood's question about how she travels in the afterlife by saying she prefers to walk. She is not interested in change and progressing through the planes, so she doesn't have an interest in traveling by thinking. However, she explains that she has traveled by simply thinking of the place she wants to be, and knows that others do that routinely.

Listen to Alice Green's description

Listen to Alice Green's entire seance

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