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Planes and Spheres of Life in the Afterlife

The speakers in the Leslie Flint seances are quite consistent in explaining that the afterlife consists of planes and spheres. "Planes" seems to refer to levels of spiritual maturity, although specific planes in layers are not clearly specified, except for the "Earthly plane." "Spheres" seems to refer to congregations of people of similar interest and levels of spiritual maturity.

Each person "finds" himself or herself on a plane or in a sphere because of their individual spiritual development and interests. The general expectation is that everyone will seek to evolve and grow spiritually, going to higher planes. However, many are so content with their life that they don't seek to develop to higher planes or spheres.

The afterlife also has lower spheres, "even lower than the Earth," Andre explains. Each person creates his own place through his thoughts, desires, and level of spiritual maturity. Only the individual can change the environment of their life.

Andre: Planes, Spheres, and Individual Choices

A man who gave his name only as "Andre" explained the planes and spheres in the afterlife and a person's individual responsibility to place himself or herself into a plane or sphere.

Click on one of the sound bars that follow to hear these segments from Andre's seance. A sitter has just asked Andre what it is like on his side of life.

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