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Occupations and Preoccupations

People in the afterlife who are at an earthly level of maturity or above describe themselves as having occupations and preoccupations. The occupations have nothing to do with sickness, death, food services, law, ministry, and a great variety of other occupations that don't exist in the afterlife. Many continue the occupations they had while on the earth, and some enter occupations or have preoccupations they always wished they could pursue in life but were unable to do so. A large number of them are teachers.

Bessie Smith: Teaching the Wee Ones

Bessie Smith was a slave in America who never knew freedom until she left the body. She spoke in a seance by Leslie Flint in 1984. In her message, she described that on the other side, she was teaching children, the "wee ones."


Listen to this portion of Bessie Smith's seance

Alice Green: Occupation--
Making Decorations for Houses

Alice Green came through in a seance with Leslie Flint, George Woods, and Betty Green on December 18, 1967. When asked what she is doing in the afterlife, she explained that she makes "decorations" for houses, but they are such a different form of decoration that she had difficulty using Earth analogies and words to describe them.

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