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Religion, Science,
and Spiritual Growth

The people who spoke through Leslie Flint often described the problems with helping people with rigid belief systems to adjust to the afterlife. They also explained that spiritual growth is thwarted by those with strong religious views.

Sir Oliver Lodge: Spiritual Growth
Is Thwarted by Science and Religion

Sir Oliver Lodge

Lodge was professor of physics at University of London and at the University of Liverpool. He was elected fellow of the Royal Society in 1887, awarded the Albert Medal of the Royal Society of Arts for his pioneer work in wireless telegraphy, and knighted in 1902. He was president of the British Association in 1913. His great reputation as a physicist was established by his research in electricity, thermoelectricity, and in wireless (radio) and theories of matter and ether.

In this seance in 1965, he describes the problems with acceptance of matters of the spirit by scientists and people deeply committed to religious beliefs.


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