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A True Understanding of the Christ

Those in the afterlife express great reverance for Jesus (Christ, Yeshua). They do not describe him as a God and do not suggest that believing Jesus is a God results in some kind of spiritual advancement or status. They repeat consistently that eac individual must grow to spirituality from his or her own inner development. However, Jesus, they proclaim, is the model. He provided the teaching, and people of all faiths or creeds should grow in spirituality by following that model.

Matherson: On Christ

This speaker gave his name as "Matherson." In his seance, he speaks about the church, Christ, and spiritual growth. In this segment, he speaks about Christ. The other speakers from the other side all agree with this perspective.

Listen to Matherson's message.


George Whitefield: On Christ

George Whitefield was famous for his preaching in America, contributing to the Great Awakening movement of Christian revivals.

In this seance, recorded in 1967, he describes the nature of Christ and the fact that the church has not represented Christ well.

Listen to Whitefield's message.


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